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Professionals at tree removal service in Northern VA

If you need tree removal service, JL Tree Service Inc has the experienced personnel, and equipment to get the job done safely and professionally.  Since 1975, our company has provided large tree removal service to our customers.  Today, we have many top experienced tree climbers, tree crew foremen and groundmen.

We do tree removal service every day we work, all year long !  We provide 24/7 Emergency Tree Service

What is the difference when you hire JL for tree removal service?

JL Tree Service Inc has 5 ISA Certified Arborists on staff.  Our arborists goal is to provide outstanding professional tree evaluations and recommendations.  We really try not to remove large mature trees, unless its necessary or if our customers request to remove a tree.  A common phrase that our estimators say in the field is “What would I do if I lived here”.  Our arborists truly try to provide evaluation for what is best for the tree and the property owner.  A tree removal service recommendation usually doesn’t occur unless its necessary. Safety comes first, always.  We are a TCIA Accredited Tree Care Company.

We offer Free Estimates & Tree Evaluations

Experienced Employees

  • 5 experienced ISA Certified Arborists Salesmen
  • Over 15 top professional tree climbers with many years of experience (a lot over 10 years with JL!)
  • 10 top professional tree crew foremen with many years of experience & many experienced groundmen in roping, chipping brush, and hauling wood and debris
  • 3 experienced tree removal crane operators
  • 2 experienced prentice loader operators to haul large wood
  • 3 experienced stump crews to grind stumps and haul grindings
  • Professional office staff, active management with quick response, and a shop with 4 mechanics
  • Yard crew with horizontal grinder to produce our own mulch from the product – We RECYCLE our customers wood & debris into quality mulch !

Top Notch Equipment

Tree Removal Service & Tree Pruning production operation

  • 10 Chipper trucks, 7 Bucket trucks 13 Chippers, 3 large cranes (38 ton, 35 ton, 33 ton), 2 prentice loader trucks

Crane Rental Service Operation

  • 3 large cranes (38 ton Altec, 35 ton Terex, 33 ton National)

Stump Grinding Operation

  • 4 large stump machines with trucks and trailers for each, 1 small stump machine

Mulch Production, Snow plowing & hauling Operation

  • 1 horizontal grinder, 3 rubber tire loaders, 3 tractors, 2 walking floors, 2 demo trailers, 2 excavators
  • 10 pickups with plows, 3 bobcats, 1 mini skid
  • 2 prentice loader trucks
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