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JL Tree Service Inc has many repeat customers in the District of Columbia.   For many years, JL Tree Service Inc has worked on military bases & forts in the district and outside DC.  We are proud to say we have served our Nations Capital since the early 1980’s at government facilities, DC residents, and commercial companies. This includes the National Park Service as well.

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Commercial, Government, & Residential Tree Service in Washington DC

Our Nations capital Washington DC is a primary area to perform tree services.  Driving down the streets of DC you will surely encounter seeing older American Elm trees down the sides of the road with overhanging branches.  There are many varieties of trees in Washington DC. Keeping up such as traveled and lived in area is a tall task.  DC tree removal & lane and sidewalk closure permits are usually required for performing tree services in Washington DC.  There are certain types of trees that are excluded, and trees under a certain diameter don’t apply either.  Contact us to learn if you trees require tree removal permits.

Tree Removal Permits

DC always requires that a tree removal permit is obtained before removing a tree.  This is not inexpensive either.  JL Tree Service can help you with obtaining this permit, just make certain to take into consideration that this permit can be very expensive for live trees.  If a tree is hazardous, we can remove it and apply for the permit after, but not so for regular removals.  There are 4 tree species that do not require a permit, please visit the DC website for more information about tree removal permits.

Tree Service in Washington DC Testimonial

If possible, please make sure all the members of this talented crew get this thank you. We’re truly grateful, and will recommend your company to anyone and everyone who needs your service.

We service the entire District and have built a great customer base in our Nations Capital.  Our company enjoys rooting for the Washington National baseball team, & Washington Redskins – as our owner is an avid fan of both teams!  Our employees often get to have the fringe benefit of going to many of the games throughout the year.  This is part of how upper management takes good care of its employees and to keep company morale up.

Georgetown University has been one of our long term customers for many years.  We value our relationship with the University and continue to strive to achieve success providing exceptional tree services for the University.

Many of the Forts in Washington DC have used our services over the years, we are also very proud to service our military customers as well. Many DC residents have used our services, we stand committed to providing excellent tree care for all our government, commercial, and residential customers in the district.

Tree Removals in Washington DC

When removing large trees in DC, extra precaution is necessary.  Busy streets & sidewalks are a given, and sometimes heavy equipment such as cranes and bucket trucks are needed for tree removals.  Our company has performed many tree removals by hand without heavy equipment as well.  Many times, since alleys and tight areas exist all around DC, taking down a large tree in a backyard involved dragging the brush and hauling the wood through the house to get it to the chipper trucks and flatbeds waiting out front of a residence.  DC residents need to ensure they are hiring professional tree service companies that have the experience and credentials to be safe.  Hiring a insured company is mandatory.  Hiring a company with their own & newer equipment such as cranes and bucket trucks is recommended.  Make sure their is a Certified Arborist on staff to help in the overall process.

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