Testimonials from satisfied tree service customers in the Northern Virginia area - Fairfax, Falls Church, Springfield, Arlington, McLean, Annandale, MD, and DC

JL Tree Service has served the Washington Metropolitan area since 1975 providing outstanding tree services including tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, and more.  Below are just a small handful of testimonials we have received throughout the years.

Dear J&L Tree Service, Just sending a message of appreciation, respect and thanks for the services provided on Friday, January 20, as well as the logistical planning your company provides. Watching the crew led by Thomas Fitzgerald and Jose throughout the day was just fantastic…such talent, care and professionalism. You have an outstanding company and I wish you all continued success and safety!  Fairfax, VA

“Hello- I just want to let you know how HAPPY we are with JL Tree Service! A large tree crashed into our yard. Our HOA hired JL Tree Service to remove the tree. Well, not only did JL remove the tree, they thoroughly cleaned up all of the debris (leaves too) and reconstructed our smashed yard umbrella and set it back upright. They even swept off the roof of our shed, where there was lots of pine needles from the accident. Additionally, the crew was super polite and respectful. Thank you!    Alexandria, VA

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank your company and your employees for a job well done.
Your office staff are friendly, competent and courteous – and they answer the phone when it rings. Your estimator, Bill, was prompt and provided a good assessment of the work needed and a fair price – he even stopped by to check in on the job. I enjoyed watching your crew demonstrate their expertise as they methodically removed two trees from my backyard. They cut and removed everything as planned and were friendly and thorough. The follow up stump grinding was done by an obvious pro who showed up only a couple of days after the trees were down.
I no longer take for granted that tradespeople will do what they promise, but I want you to know that is not the case with J&L. Congratulations on doing the job right, on time, with courtesy and professionalism. Signed,”  A Very Satisfied Customer in Annandale

“Hello again, This is intended as a note of thanks and commendation. Please pass it along. Last Friday afternoon your 7-man team come to our house to take down our large, old, and very dead birch tree. The team worked without a break for almost three hours and got it down nicely. They worked clean and were careful of other smaller trees near the dead one. It would have been easy for cut branches to fall on the nearby dogwood, for instance, but nothing came even close. All worked well together as a team, anticipating what was needed and moving quickly to the task, but I especially need to commend the gentleman working up in the bucket. He was great, wielding that power saw like an extension of his hand, moving the bucket carefully above and below the power and telephone lines that blocked work. At one point he had to get the bucket fully stretched to get a big branch over our house roof. He made it seem easy. It is dangerous work and things can go very wrong, but I could see that all were always aware of what was happening around them. I realize that they have done this many times before, probably at more difficult sites, and I’m happy to benefit from that experience. They were great and, in my eyes, they deserve a raise. Absolutely. I hope that it happens. Sent with all best wishes, Phil” –  Arlington, VA

“Thank you is just not enough. You and your crews worked tirelessly to get the job done. We Thank you and commend you and your crew for all your efforts on our behalf. The Board will recommend your company highly should the occasion arise in the future.”  Falls Church, VA

“J L Tree Service provided me with excellent service, and I am grateful. Thank you for a quick estimate, a good price, and a job that was completed with the highest degree of professionalism.”  Fairfax, VA

“Thank you for your incredible service, great prices, and tremendous service your staff provides. I will never use any tree company other than JL and I will recommend it highly to everyone.”  Springfield, VA

“My spouse and I are impressed by the professionalism and integrity of each of your employees. As a Federal Government employee of 26 years standing, I have encountered few firms that have been as flawless as the high standards set by JL. You have my permission to use my name for reference.”  Arlington, VA

“I am delighted with the work performed recently at my home. I appreciate your good quality work and your prompt scheduling.”  Mclean, VA

“During the “Blizzard of 2010,” we were trapped by more than the unplowed streets when a large cypress tree fell across our driveway. After talking with several contractors, we were fortunate to find JL Tree Service. Despite the still unplowed road, your crew was here within two days after the call, and was able to get to us, remove the tree and clear the driveway — all performed professionally, without damaging the adjacent plantings, and at a fair price. Your standards of service went far beyond our expectations, and we look forward to having you do additional work on our property. We can recommend your service without hesitation — and already have to several neighbors and colleagues. Many, many thanks to you and your crew”  Alexandria, VA

“John, Thank you for coming and taking care of my trees as promptly as you did. I did not realize that there was so much deadwood in my trees when I purchased this property. It started falling like rain, and I could not allow my children to go outside and play for fear that they would get hit by a falling limb. Your quick response is a sincere relief. You have offered reliable service from the first time I called you, which was probably about eight years ago or longer. You were the exclusive tree company referred by Botanical Accents when I was their Certified Arborist, because we knew that we could trust you to take care of the trees not just cut them. Thank you for years of caring and reliable work and now for the direct safety of my family.”  Silver Spring, MD

“I would like you to know your crew were without a doubt, the most efficient men I have ever seen work. They never took a “break” and were very courteous. Plus, they cleaned the area meticulously. I am a senior citizen, and it is a joy to see Quality work performed.

I’m sure they have had to rescue animals before. When they do that for people, they restore members of the family. I have teenagers who were already mourning this kitty. So was I. To have him back, safe and healthy, is so wonderful. To have been treated with respect throughout the entire process by your crew, who did such an amazing job, makes me truly grateful. Thanks so much for caring.”  Fairfax, VA

“I wanted to pass along a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to the 4-man crew that handled the removal of the huge oak tree at my mother’s house in Annandale this past week. This was an enormous job in sheer sale, and logistics – with difficult access and terrain. The four men that tackled it worked with amazing skill, and an obvious sense of teamwork, that was impressive to watch. We went into this wondering how the job would get done without heavy equipment access, and were left in disbelief at the careful and systematic dismantling of the huge tree.  But more importantly, the team on this job were extremely polite, thorough about clean up, and even went so far as to pick-up and chip some clippings in the yard my mother had produced trimming a totally unrelated tree herself. They also returned unexpectedly to patch areas of the lawn where the tree left some gouges. We were prepared to be left with some reasonable and understandable destruction from the project – but the yard looks as good as the day your team arrived.  If possible, please make sure all the members of this talented crew get this thank you. We’re truly grateful, and will recommend your company to anyone and everyone who needs your service.”  Annandale, VA

“Your guys came and took down my tree yesterday and they did an excellent job. They showed up early and had the tree down, stump ground out, other branches cut down in 3 hours. I was impressed. I had had a stump ground out years ago and the company that did it left a mess. Your guys left me a nice clean mulch pile my landscaper will use next week. Your guys were professional and did exactly what they were contracted to do. ”  Washington, DC

“Unfortunately, Monday morning at 2:20 a.m. a large oak tree fell onto (and into!) our house. Luckily, nobody was hurt but I was a nervous wreck and I had no idea what I was supposed to do in response to such an event. I made the mistake of looking in the phone book and calling the first tree service I found that claimed to provide “24 emergency service.” I made my call at about 2:30 a.m., reached an answering machine, left my message, and by 6:30 a.m. I still hadn’t rec’d a return call when my neighbor, Ray Brown, called to ask if we were okay.  When I told him I’d called a tree service 4 hours ago and that they still hadn’t returned my call he told me to forget about them and make a call to JL Tree Service. He promised me JL Tree Service would take good care of me. Boy was he right! My call was promptly answered (by a very nice gentleman but, I’m sorry to say, I don’t remember his name) and Mike Mayeaux was at my house in about an hour. He was extremely helpful and took the time to explain what JL would be doing and by going “above and beyond the call of duty” to also explain precisely what I needed to do. But, most importantly, he helped restore my frame of mind in a very trying situation. The actual removal of the tree was coordinated by David and his crew. Like Mike, they were top-flight professionals and even sought my opinion on where to set up the crane (to minimize damage to my yard). I felt like I was receiving the level of service the owner of JL Tree Service would receive! ”  Falls Church, VA

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