Tree Service Specials

Residential customers, take advantage and receive 10% OFF all tree services for customers who come to this page and express the coupon below. That means our customers receive 10% off their entire invoice, and that can add up to quite a bit of money.

During the Winter months, JL Tree Service Inc offers a Winter Discount 15% OFF for residential work since this is our slow down time. Winter is a great time to perform tree work for many reasons. A few are lower prices, less brush since the leaves are gone, trees are dormant so sap flow is minimized, and more. Many times, our estimators will recommend that a larger more costly tree be removed in the Winter months to help save our customers money. If a tree removal can wait until winter, its a good idea to wait and receive that extra 5% OFF.

* Not available with any other offers. These Discounts do not apply to Emergency Services OR Commercial Work. Residential regular work ONLY!  Print Coupon to receive 10% Off

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Pricing for Tree Services

We are here to offer Reasonable Prices for Quality Work

We understand that tree work can be expensive, especially when large tree removals are involved. Our tree service prices are reasonable and competitive. It is common that residents receive multiple estimates from different companies, and this is encouraged. Our prices are generally on the lower end. We won’t be the cheapest – which is usually not the best choice. But aren’t the most expensive either. Our prices are extremely steady and many of our customers trust our estimators and service since we have been providing service to them so many years. We are not here to price gauge or make a quick buck. We are here for our customers to provide quality work, a quick response, at reasonable rates always. That is our goal!

How do we come up with our prices?

Tree work is pretty simple to price, yet at the same time there are many factors. The jobs are estimated by the equipment and personnel needed, and by determining the number of hours it will take to complete a job. Factors include tree location, distance, objects and structures below, lawn, shrubbery, and landscape below, patios below, etc. The limbs for removal or pruning have to be roped down to avoid damage. The average job costs approximately $500 to $750, this includes tree removals and tree pruning. Larger tree removals can be upwards of $8,500 but those don’t happen often. The average larger tree removal generally ranges around $2,500 to $5,000 for a very large tree. Again, JL Tree Service Inc offers competitive pricing for our work.

How do you know if you are really getting the honest answer for your trees?

Our estimators provide their opinions and expert advise based on the actual needs of a tree, not what is in our best interests, but what is in yours and your trees. Many fly by night tree companies will say that a tree needs to be removed, when in actuality it really doesn’t at all. Our arborists provide honest assessments and only give their best and truthful recommendations for your trees. If a tree can be preserved, we are the first to say so.

Wholesale & Retail Mulch Sales Special

We offer a quality organic double shredded mulch product to residential and commercial customers. Call for prices for bulk mulch. We only offer 1 product – double shredded mulch. For more information or to determine how much mulch you need – visit Mulch Supply.

Crane Services Special

We offer a crane rental discount if your job is located in Northern VA. If you need an A/C set lifted, and it takes less than 1 hour then we have a $250 Special available. Call us for details.

The discounts offered here are for Residential Customers Only, please check with the estimator for further details.

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