Prince William County

Tree Service in Prince William County

JL Tree Service Inc provides tree service & tree removal for all of Prince William County VA.  Our company has been serving PW County VA for many years.  Tree removal, pruning, and stump grinding are our 3 main services that we offer for our customers.

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City of Manassas VA

JL Tree Service Inc has provided the City of Manassas tree service & tree removal over the years.  Our company has worked on tree removals & pruning in the heart of the city at various locations such as the courthouse, & downtown Manassas.  Over the years, our customer base in Prince William VA and the City of Manassas has increased and we are happy to keep gaining repeat and happy customers in these areas.

Prince William County VA Tree Service Areas:

  •  Bristow
  • Catharpin
  • Dale City
  • Gainesville
  • Manassas
  • Haymarket
  • Nokesville
  • Occoquan
  • Quantico
  • Sudley
  • Triangle
  • Woodbridge

Larger tree jobs for government contracts such as the Quantico Marine base have been completed by JL Tree Service Inc.  Our company has been on base many times to perform tree removals and pruning in large volumes for the base.

Tree Care & Removal

JL Tree Service Inc provides tree & stump removal in Prince William County VA.  The company has been serving all of the DC Metropolitan area since 1975.  Other services include tree pruning & trimming, and standard tree maintenance.  Tree pruning includes the following:

  • Pruning dead or diseased limbs out of the canopy of a tree
  • Pruning or lightly thinning out a tree’s canopy for sunlight or to increase the ability for wind to flow through the tree to reduce the chances of storm damage
  • Tree trimming to crown raise or elevate the low limbs of the canopy – usually done to avoid lawn mower interference and or people or car interference with tree limbs
  • Tree cutting to crown reduce a tree with a tall canopy that needs reduction.  Not to be confused with tree topping which is not a recommended maintenance procedure in the tree care industry
  • Shaping a tree canopy usually involves sheers, Hollies, Leyland Cypress, or other types of Evergreens are candidates for shaping.  Sometimes, it is necessary to shape deciduous trees but it is not a generally recommended practice.
  • Removal is necessary when a tree becomes a danger or threat to a property dwelling or area of high traffic.

Never hire a tree company that intends on using Spikes for pruning purposes.  It is absolutely harmful to any tree to spike it while pruning.  Trees can go into major decline or even face death after having been spiked by a tree climber.  When pruning trees, ensure that ANSI A300 pruning methods are followed by any tree service that is hired.  It is important to ensure that the proper cuts are made as well.  Tree limbs being cut off should always be cut back to the nearest lateral growth, not in the center or inter-node of a branch.

Safety Conscious Tree Company & Insurance

The most important aspect of hiring a tree care company to provide tree trimming o removal at a residence or anywhere is safety.  It can be a disaster if a climber falls out of a tree and gets injured or faces death.  Especially if a tree company does not hold the necessary insurance.  Workman’s compensation & liability insurance is mandatory for any tree company to cover all possible accidents, including damages to property or dwelling, and on the job injuries to people.  Using chainsaws, tree climbing, limbing, rigging, carrying heavy wood, and dropping large limbs on a daily basis causes a necessity to ensure safety at all times.

There is more that goes into taking a tree down or pruning a tree than meets the eye.  Injuries occur everyday in the tree care industry, and deaths happen every month on a Nationwide scale.  Please be responsible in hiring and working with any tree company.  Make certain that the necessary precautionary measures are taken to avoid any problems on the job.

JL Tree Service Inc has the professionals and experience needed for all our customers tree care needs.  Our crews are fantastic, careful, courteous, hard working, and always work safe.  Their hauling of all wood & debris from your property and cleanup is excellent.

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