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Our mulch prices are very competitive and quality is the best.

JL Tree Service Inc offers organic mulch supply to residential, commercial, & government customers in Northern VA, MD, & DC. We can deliver mulch in the following quantities, 7 yards minimum order, 10 yards, 15 yards, 20 yards, 25 yards, 50 yards, and 80 yards maximum order. Our prices are very competitive and quality is the best.

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Quality Organic Double Shredded Mulch

Our product is premium quality since we only use our own raw material in the reduction process. There is no dirt or trash in our mulch period. The only material in our mulch is tree limbs and wood, all derived from our tree service jobs. So we process and recycle our own material.

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Mulch Delivered to your driveway

Our deliveries can be delivered right to your door either same day or next day service. We are closed on the weekends, so please try to accept a M-F delivery date. Also, when ordering make sure you specify where you would like the mulch dumped if no one will be home at the time of delivery. Payment can be left for the driver to pickup, you can mail a check in, or make a credit card payment by calling the office.

Our Mulch Reduction Process in Action

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