Landscaping & Planting

Tree Planting and Landscaping Services

JL Tree Service Inc offers landscaping. Our landscaping crew is simply excellent. Our crew has many years of experience in the landscape field. We do not have a landscape architect, and do not do design build. Our landscape crew specializes in mulching, edging, landscape bed cleanup and weeding, and small shrub and bush pruning and shaping.

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Tree Planting

We are not a nursery and cannot guarantee the trees or plants. JL Tree Service Inc no longer plants trees for our customers. We find ourselves in tough competition with the local nurseries and feel that they can offer our customers better prices and guarantees for tree planting than we can! We recommend Merrifield Garden Center or Meadows Farms Nurseries. JL Tree Service Inc specializes in tree removal and stump grinding, and tree pruning.

Landscaping & Yard Cleanup

We are not a design build or landscape architects. Our crew simply does the smaller landscaping needs for our customers. This usually includes mulching, and landscape bed cleanup. Including weeding, edging, and trimming small shrubs in the landscape. Our crew has an excellent touch. Many times, our customers know that our landscape crew is here to provide the miscellaneous services in their yards also. Tasks such as yard cleanup, cutting and pulling Ivy off trees, spreading playground woodchips, spreading woodchips for nature trails, and even being creative with wood on our customers properties. Call us, you will be surprised with what our landscape crew can do!

Certified Arborists

Our Certified Arborists offer great planting choices. Whether you need a shade tree, a privacy hedge, or just simply need advise on what to do with your yard, our arborists make great recommendations.

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