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Tree Service & Removal in Falls Church VA

JL Tree Service Inc is a professional tree service company that has provided service in Falls Church VA since 1975.  Our company is proud to have many long term and repeat customers in all the DC metropolitan area.  Falls Church VA is a special area.  There are many old growth larger trees in Falls Church VA.  A wide variety of tree species ranges from large Oaks, Poplars, Hickory, Ash, Maple, and much more are prevalent to our area.  Tree service is a common activity, since so many of these larger trees exist in close proximity to houses, streets, and people.

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Commercial & Residential Tree Service in the City of Falls Church VA

Our company highly values our customers, and puts their needs first.  Our commitment stands for Quality Work, a Quick Response, & Reasonable Rates.  With approximately 90 employees on staff, we are well experienced to provide superb tree care and service.  We have staffed Certified Arborists and offer Free Estimates.  Our arborists have many years of experience, very knowledgeable, and evaluate our customers trees with confidence.  JL Tree Service Inc has 10 full time tree crews, 3 stump crews, and 3 cranes with operators, a recycling property yard, and more.

Tree Care, Removal, & Services Provided by our company

  • Tree & Stump Removal, Tree Care & Pruning, 24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal Service, Crane Services, We Recycle all our yard debris & waste and turn it into a quality mulch product, and firewood.

A Tree Company you can Count On & Trust

Our company stands behind all of our work.  We are fully insured, licensed, and certified.  We mostly value our reputation and put our customers & safety first.  You can be sure when contracting with our firm, you are hiring the most qualified, experienced, and top professionals in the area.  We are one of the few TCIA Accredited tree care companies.  To obtain this Accreditation, a company must meet all industry standards for all tree care, safety, internal business policies and procedures, and more.  Over the years, we have built a customer base of thousands commercial, residential, and government customers.  We are proud of our track record and put our top priority on providing outstanding services.

 Fully Insured Tree Service & Tree Removal

Our customers can obtain a certificate of insurance or request to be put as additional insured if needed.  We are fully insured with workman’s compensation and liability.  Tree company insurance rates are some of the highest in any industry or firm due to the nature and dangerous aspects of the work.  We ensure that our employees are fully trained, experienced, and provide weekly safety meetings led by our own Certified Tree Care Safety Professional.  We follow an industry tailgate safety program for weekly topics and discussion.

Testimonial in Falls Church VA

One of your crews spent the day at my house this past Tuesday. The crew chief carefully reviewed the job with me before they began the work. I wish to thank them for the conscientious way they cleaned up after themselves – even going so far as to get on the roof to blow it clear and to sweep out my garage. My son and I agreed our property was cleaner after they left than before they arrived. Perhaps this is why JL has a good reputation in my community.

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