The History of JL Tree Service

A Tree Service Company that is Family Owned and Operated, with a History of Quality Work, Quick Repsonses, & Reasonable Rates

JL Tree Service Inc was created in 1975 by John Lewett. It all started with some friends, a truck, and a few happy first time customers! Over the many years the company has grown tremendously into one of the largest tree service companies in the DC Metropolitan area.

JL Tree Service Inc has approximately 90 employees to include:

  • 10 full time experienced tree crews, some 3 and 4 man crews with many employees that have been with the company for over 10 years. Most crews have 2-3 tree climbers, a crew foreman, and a groundman. All of the tree crew foremans speak great English.

  • 1 expert landscape crew
  • 3 separate stump crews each with their own truck, trailer, and stump grinder machine

  • 8 full time sales estimators (5 ISA Certified Arborists). Each sales person has their own service areas. MEET THE TEAM

  • 1 full time crane operator that perform tree work every week. Our crane operators also perform crane rentals such as A/C sets, trusses, and other small jobs.
  • 1 prentice log loader operator & driver
  • 8 office personnel including a office controller, office manager, A/R specialist, 3 customer service professionals, and the scheduler.

  • 3 shop mechanics who are extremely knowledgeable about heavy equipment, tree equipment & inventory, and more.
  • 3 yard employees that are heavy equipment operators, such as rubber tire loaders, run the horizontal grinder that processes all of the company’s tree debris & material, and a excavator with a log buster to reduce wood.

A Tree Service Company started in 1975

JL Tree Service Inc was created in 1975 by John Lewett. JL started out with a plain business card entitled JL Services, with his name and phone number. John soon realized that tree services was among the most needed service at that time. Northern Virginia, specifically Fairfax VA, is where he started the company. Northern VA is filled with large trees that have been around for many years. If you look at an aerial view of our area, you will see mostly green canopies covering our land. JL found out quick, that the tree business was a good one to be in!

JL started out with some friends, a truck, and a chainsaw. Quickly, he invested money into his business buying a chipper truck, and chipper, and before you know it, he had 2 tree crews going and a growing number of employees.

JL Tree Service Inc locations over the years

  • 70’s Fairfax
  • 80’s Annandale
  • 90’s City of Fairfax
  • 00’s City of Fairfax & Fairfax Station
  • 2013-Present City of Fairfax

Today, JL Tree Service Inc is a leading tree service provider.  JL states that one of the keys to his success in business all of these years is honesty, hard work, and taking care of his employees. Many employees of the company have currently been serving for over 15-20 years, with a handful over 30 years. Employees are treated with respect, and dignity. As a family business, we are proud of our tenure thus far and have high expectations for another generation to prosper with us in the tree business over the next 30+ years!

JL Tree Service Inc is a TCIA Accredited tree care company

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