Storm Damage

24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal Service

Top professionals for uprooted trees on houses

JL Tree Service Inc performs storm damage tree removal since 1975.  We own 3 large cranes with professional operators who perform large removals with our cranes on a daily basis.  When a tree uproots due to a storm, we are the top choice to call.  Since we have our own cranes with operators and professionals who regularly perform this work, you are in good hands.  We don’t have to increase our prices to cover costs since we own our own cranes.  That makes a huge difference in storm damage emergency tree service estimates and pricing. This definitely gives us a competitive advantage in the industry. Honesty and fairness in pricing is very important, especially in this kind of work.

Why Call Us for your tree emergency situation?

Most importantly, for our experience and equipment!  We have vast expertise in cutting dangerous trees safely.  Our 3 cranes with operators and professional tree crews are outstanding.

  • Many years of experience in this line of work
  • Newer Equipment that helps to get the jobs done safe and efficiently
  • Prompt response to your emergency situation – usually an estimate within 1 hour or less of the initial call
  • Tree Crew arrives very quickly once we have a confirmation approval to do the work
  • However, we do not work in the dark, most tree emergencies can wait until the next morning if they happen late in the afternoon.  Same day service is common for trees through roofs, on cars, or hung up trees about to fall, as long as their is enough day light to make things safe.  Sometimes, we can put a bull rope up in a tree to hold it up if time does not allow us to do the full job that same day.
  • MOST EMERGENCY JOBS ARE DONE SAME DAY.  Especially trees on houses, cars, or if they are blocking driveways, sidewalks, streets, etc.
  • Our reputation for doing great work and good clean up.  Our crews are known for their outstanding yard cleanup.

Contact us today for a Free Assessment from an arborist.  Any tree can come down in strong wind storms, however, having an arborist evaluate your mature trees is important to help avoid some of these situations.

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