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Storm Damaged Uprooted Poplar tree - Dangerous!

Emergency Tree Service Removal

Over this past weekend, JL Tree Service Inc had some emergency jobs.  Like, a tree on a house, uprooted trees leaning on others, and storm damaged trees.  So this post will show one emergency job that was a difficult task to say the least.  Both houses close by the dangerous uprooted tree were told to vacate by the arborist.   A very large uprooted Poplar tree fell onto a large mature Oak tree.  The large uprooted poplar was caught up pretty well by the Oak, but you never know what might happen with the high winds.  The root system of the standing Oak still appeared to be in tact, even with the large poplar resting a lot of its weight on it.  The crane couldn’t reach, so we had to cut this dangerous tree down by hand.  The crew did an outstanding job.

A very difficult emergency tree removal job!

This was a very complex emergency tree removal.  This was a multi-step process.  Here are the steps in summary…

First, the crew cut all of the ‘free’ limbs off of the canopy of the Poplar.  Reducing the weight and load on the Oak holding the tree up is crucial for safety and key to success!

The crew had to put 3 bull ropes into the other close by large trees to hold the weight so they could cut the rest of the limbs resting on the Oak off the uprooted poplar removal

The bull ropes were secure, the crew safely cut the 3 large limbs that were resting on the Oak so the weight of the poplar trunk was transferred to the ropes, and a GRCS crank pully

Once The weight was transferred off of the Oak and onto the bull ropes connected to the other trees, all of the limbs were then cut off the uprooted poplar, and the crew started cutting the trunk

When the crew ran out of trunk back to where the bull ropes were connected with the GRCS, the crew had to install a 4th bull rope to transfer the weight again, to move the bull rope connected to the GRCS (basically the one mostly holding the entire weight of the tree) down so they could cut more trunk pieces off.  This transfer needed to occur 3 times to get the ropes and trunk down to the point where they could crank the GRCS and pull the trunk back into standing position for the most part.  We couldn’t damage the nice shed that the tree was leaning directly over !

Lastly, once the tree was back close to being upright, the crew blocked the pieces down to avoid damaging the shed, cutting the stump low

Difficult, but succeeded.  Great job guys !

Large Uprooted Poplar tree caught up in a mature Oak

This job took all day to safety get on the ground.  It was a great effort by the experienced tree crew that required an extremely high skill level and expertise.  I stayed with the team all day and watched in amazement of the high skill level it really took to accomplish this task.  Emergency tree removal is very dangerous, and this was an accomplishment rendered by professional tree climbers and experienced groundman/rope-men with many years of experience.  This is true example of ingenuity and engineering on the job. Experience pays off.


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