Price Ranges for removals

June 7, 2017

Home owners often tend to procrastinate when it comes to the daunting task of removing trees from their property. The process seems overwhelming, and let’s face it, tree removal can be expensive! Our company has a strong commitment to put our customers values and their trees best interest first.  We don’t like to remove trees […]

Landscaping & Planting

JL Tree Service Inc offers landscaping services. Our landscaping crew is simply excellent. Our crew has many years of experience in the landscape field. We do not have a landscape architect, and do not do design build. Our landscape crew specializes in mulching, edging, landscape bed cleanup and weeding, and small shrub and bush pruning […]

Mulch Supply

JL Tree Service Inc offers organic mulch supply to residential, commercial, & government customers in Northern VA, MD, & DC. We can deliver mulch in the following quantities, 7 yards minimum order, 10 yards, 15 yards, 20 yards, 25 yards, 50 yards, and 80 yards maximum order. Our prices are very competitive and quality is […]

Tree Care & Fertilization

Tree Care & Fertilization best practices are very important in our industry. There are many tree care services that can be performed to help preserve and protect trees. Tree fertilization is one of our primary methods to care for trees.  It is an arborists duty to make proper and accurate assessments of trees that are […]

Emergency Tree Service

In the event of an emergency, JL Tree Service Inc. offers 24-hour emergency tree services. Storms are a common occurrence in Northern VA sometimes causing trees to uproot. Trees can and do fall onto structures. When strong winds come along with wet saturated grounds, trees are bound to fall over. Uprooted trees can cause serious […]

Crane Rental Service

JL Tree Service Inc offers Crane Rental Service.  We have 3 cranes and operators that have many years of experience with cranes and trees. We provide crane rentals for many different commercial, government & residential services.  Our company provides cranes services with safety being our priority at all times. A/C sets and Roof Trusses are […]

Storm Damage

Top professionals for uprooted trees on houses JL Tree Service Inc performs storm damage tree removal since 1975.  We own 3 large cranes with professional operators who perform large removals with our cranes on a daily basis.  When a tree uproots due to a storm, we are the top choice to call.  Since we have […]

Tree Pruning

There are ANSI A300 industry standards for tree pruning. JL Tree Service Inc.’s estimators can provide recommendations based on the specific tree needs of our customers. Every tree is different and the goals for each customer and their trees vary. An arborist’s job is to focus on the care and management of trees in urban […]

Stump Removal

Once a tree is removed from a property, the stump remains. A stump can be ground out using stump grinding services. The most important detail when considering removing a tree stump is the accessibility. If a tree stump is on a hill, it might not be accessible for a stump machine to grind it out. There are […]

Tree Removal

June 5, 2017

JL Tree Service specializes in providing outstanding tree removal services in Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland, and Washington DC. When we assess our customer’s trees, we share the common goal of caring for healthy trees. We do not like to recommend taking a tree down unless it is absolutely necessary. If a tree is dead, in […]

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