Tree Maintenance

Spring Time tree trimming & maintenance

Spring Time Tree Maintenance

Spring has sprung and the flowers are definitely out!  It is such a beautiful site to see all of the new growth this season.  Plant and tree maintenance is a prevalent task for property owners.  Keeping the yard safe and manicured is a high priority, especially with the recent storms.  There are some things to consider when performing tree maintenance, and the best advise is definitely to leave the larger mature tree maintenance tasks to the professionals.
JL Tree Service has provided tree maintenance, pruning, trimming, cutting, and removal since 1975.  Our team of certified arborists evaluate our customers and potential customers trees on a daily basis.  It doesn’t really take a professional eye to notice larger dangerous deadwood in the larger mature trees. Most tree leaves are out by now, but the Oaks and Walnut trees are last to get their leaves.  So if they aren’t quite out yet, give them another week or so.  Observe the new terminal buds.  If you see green, or living growth, those sections of the canopy are good.  But if you don’t see anything, or you see unusual patterns in the bark, cracks, or fungus, it might be deadwood.  Pruning deadwood out of a mature tree is a common and necessary task for the following reasons:
Why provide tree maintenance by pruning deadwood in a mature tree?
  •   Safety

Pruning deadwood is important for safety.  Large dead limbs, even smaller dead limbs can be a potential safety issue.  Have an arborist assess your trees to determine if any tree maintenance pruning is necessary.  JL Tree Service Inc provides free estimates and tree risk assessments every day.

  •   The Trees Health

Another benefit of tree maintenance trimming is for the trees general well being and health.  Pruning out the diseased and dying limbs helps to reduce any potential bacteria or fungal issues that may be present and keeps it from spreading to the rest of the live canopy.

  •   Aesthetics

Keeping your trees beautiful and healthy is a good thing!  Trees take care of themselves for the most part.  However, pruning out dead and diseased limbs keeps them looking great.  Other types of pruning such as shaping, reducing, elevating, and clearing structures can also help your property look great as well.  Trees add significant value to your real estate property, so keep up with their tree maintenance.

Maintaining your trees health is important.  Give us a call or fill out our online free estimate request form to have one of our experienced arborists assess your trees.  Please leave this task for the professionals though.  Our team of tree climbers have many years of experience.  Pruning trees can be very dangerous for home owners to do on their own.  Just browse youtube for tree fails and you can view particular instances where they had no business doing the work themselves.  Please hire a professional company like JL Tree Service.  You might be surprised at the cost as it might not be as expensive as you think, and estimates are free.  You will get valuable advise regarding your trees from true professionals.
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