Where are the Best Places to Plant Trees on Your Property?

Trees are excellent for the environment and provide many benefits. Mature trees can help increase property value and provide wonderful shade. They can also improve the air quality surrounding your house. However, planting trees in the right spot is essential to enjoy all potential benefits. Let’s take a closer look!

In Places That Avoid Infrastructure

Knowing where to plant trees is essential, but it’s equally important to understand where to avoid them. Plant trees far enough away from infrastructure that you won’t have to worry about them blocking essential entry and exit points. Trees should have room to stretch and grow without branches running into power lines or roots making your plumbing system malfunction.

In Areas That Block Sunlight

Mature trees are excellent for homeowners who want to make their homes more energy-efficient. Tall trees can help block the sunlight to reduce cooling costs and energy usage during the hot summer months. However, trees must be strategically planted by tree services. Pay attention to where the sunlight hits your house in the afternoon. Strategically plant trees to block the sun as they grow taller.

In the View of Windows

There’s nothing quite like the beautiful summer breeze flowing inside through an open window. However, today’s air is packed with pollution. Trees can instantly help improve your air quality. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, in twelve months, one acre of mature trees can absorb the same amount of CO2 that cars produce when driven 26,000 miles. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of trees and reap health benefits simultaneously.

In Properly Spaced Increments

Proper spacing is essential to ensure trees grow into healthy, mature trees. Overcrowding often results in smaller trees not getting the sunlight and nutrients they need to thrive. Instead, work with professional tree services to ensure trees are appropriately spaced apart. You’ll enjoy watching your gorgeous trees grow into mature, beautiful trees when you carefully plant them.

In the Front Yard

Most people don’t have space to plant several trees in the front yard. However, you more than likely have room for one or two. Planting trees in your front yard instantly increases curb appeal, making it a wise idea for homeowners planning to sell their homes.

We understand the importance of carefully choosing a location to plant your trees. Professional tree services like ours have years of experience to ensure you’re happy with your new greenery. Contact JL Tree Service today for more information.

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