Why Isn’t It Recommended to Leave a Stump?

It can be difficult for a homeowner to remove a tree from their property. However, sometimes it’s a necessity for safety reasons or to clear the land for other purposes. When removing the tree, don’t make the mistake of leaving behind the stump. Here are reasons why stump removal is always recommended.


According to IBISWorld, there are 148,837 tree-trimming services businesses in the U.S. as of 2023. One of the reasons why tree trimming services are essential is because they help to prevent tree disease. These professionals know how to prune the tree at the right spot to prevent existing diseases from spreading. However, if they don’t reach a tree in time, then the disease may spread to the entire tree, resulting in tree removal for the safety of the rest of the land. A stump left behind from such a tree may still have disease. That illness can still spread to other trees and plants and create a health hazard.


You want your home as safe as possible for yourself, children, pets, and guests. Therefore, the last thing you want is to hear someone screeching out in pain because they accidentally tripped over a barely visible stump. A bad fall isn’t just a source of embarrassment because someone could pull a muscle or break a bone. Avoid injuries and potential liability with stump removal.

New Growth

Don’t be surprised if you were to see new growth sprouting out from a left-behind stump. That new growth can begin sprouting new plants or tiny trees. They may begin growing haphazardly and can create an eyesore on an otherwise well-manicured property. They could also easily begin sucking nutrients away from the soil, which could affect your other main plants.


You take pride in your home, inside and out. One of the reasons why you may have removed the main tree was because you didn’t want to run the risk of illness or dead trees ruining the area. While a left-behind stump may not be as large of an eyesore as a dying or dead tree, it still doesn’t help your curb appeal.

As you can see, removing a stump is worth the effort. For your home safety, aesthetics, and plant nutrient protection, get rid of that stump as soon as possible. Call our team at JL Tree Service Inc today for our tree care services which include stump removal.

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