Is It Time to Prune Your Trees?

Spring is only a couple of months away, which means it’s time to start thinking about getting your trees professionally pruned and ready for the new growth that comes with the changing seasons. Proper tree pruning is an essential yearly task for the health and appearance of your trees. Letting the professionals handle it ensures your trees look their best and promotes vitality.

Why Spring Pruning Is Essential

Spring is the optimal time for tree pruning as trees are coming out of dormancy. Pruning in spring prepares trees for healthy new growth when warmer weather returns. It also makes issues like dead branches easier for arborists to spot when the trees don’t have leaf cover yet. According to Angi, depending on their age and type, trees should be pruned every two to five years. The best time is early spring, as we aim to finish pruning jobs just before your area’s last expected frost date.

What Branches We Prune

When our team surveys your trees to prune, we look for and remove any damaged branches first, as they invite disease or insect problems. Branches that cross and rub, which can cause wounds long-term, are also pruned. We selectively prune small lower branches to give taller mature trees a ‘lift,’ so you can comfortably walk or mow under them again. And, of course, any dead branches serve no purpose, so they must be removed back to the trunk. Overall, we retain your trees’ shapes, only removing branches that are problematic or no longer productive.

Tools and Methods We Use

With decades of experience, your trees are in qualified hands with our arborist team. On younger and medium-sized branches, we use top-quality pruners for clean cuts that seal rapidly. Loppers tackle any mid-sized branches. For safety and optimal results, chainsaws properly prune any branches over 1.5 inches thick. When it comes to your property’s trees, it’s not a DIY job, and we have the right methods and state-of-the-art tools.

Healthier trees with better structure are just some of the big benefits of proper pruning by certified arborists. Tackling large mature trees yourself poses safety risks, and the cuts may not support ideal healing. Hiring us takes all the hazard and guesswork out of the job. Call JL Tree Service Inc now to obtain an estimate for tree pruning.

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