4 Issues Tree Roots Can Cause

Trees are known for the many benefits they bring to your home and the environment as a whole. Despite the pros of these amazing plant structures, they can also create issues when planted in the wrong location. Here are issues roots can cause if you don’t use tree removal services.

1. Foundational Cracks

Are cracks appearing on your walls? Have your floors begun to buckle and feel weird when you walk on them? Do doors and windows no longer open and close easily, if at all? You may have overgrown tree roots that have busted through smaller cracks in your foundation, causing further damage.

2. Septic Leakage

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, one large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for up to four people. That fresh air may be replaced by the smell of rotten eggs or sewage if those roots get too close to your septic tank. Tree roots are powerful enough to puncture your septic tank and cause a leakage that could be devastating to both your property and the municipal groundwater supply. It would be expensive to clean up, and you may have a fine on your hands.

3. Drainage Issues

Have your toilet, shower, and sinks begun to drain slower and slower? Do you sometimes hear gurgling noises as that water struggles to get down your pipes? A hairline crack or loose joint can draw a tree root in. Those roots are drawn to water and are easily attracted to the water in your pipes when a small crack gives them the space to do so. Then, you may experience increased drainage problems. If you don’t handle it with tree removal services, your sinks and toilets may completely stop draining and create an overflow.

4. Pavement Problems

Has your once smooth concrete or asphalt pavement begun to buckle and develop cracks? It can create a safety hazard as people can easily trip over those cracks or uneven surfaces. As growing tree roots search for stability, they may create havoc underneath your concrete and can uproot it.

These are signs to look out for that your beautiful trees may be wreaking havoc on your property. Luckily, professional tree removal services are available to get rid of trees and stumps that can decrease your property value and create safety issues. Contact our team at JL Tree Service Inc today for an appointment.

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