3 Signs Your Tree Has Storm Damage

Have you just been through a bad storm with high winds or heavy rain? Take a close look at the trees on your property; they may have some damage that’s easy to miss at first. Knowing the signs of storm damage can help you determine if your trees need help from emergency tree services to avoid bigger problems down the road.

1. Watch for Leaning Trees

If you notice any trees leaning to one side more than they used to, their root system may have been loosened or damaged in the storm. Keep an eye on leaning trees for a few weeks and see if they start leaning more. If so, it’s definitely time to call emergency tree services about safety concerns. A good rule of thumb is that trees leaning more than 10 degrees need to be evaluated.

2. Check for Broken Tree Limbs

Storm winds can easily damage weaker branches and limbs in a tree. Do a walk around each tree and inspect for any snapped branches, split branches, or limbs dangling loosely in the tree. Damaged limbs need proper pruning from emergency tree services; if left alone, they are likely to get more damaged over time. Broken limbs also leave trees unbalanced, so they need an evaluation to make sure they’re still firmly anchored. Plus, dangling limbs left in trees run the risk of falling on people or property below.

3. Note Trees With Sparse Canopies

Losing a few small branches in a storm is no big deal, but if the winds and rain were strong enough to strip away large branches and leaves, leaving sparse weak spots, there could be lasting harm to the tree. There could even be damage to the trunk hidden by the remaining foliage. Emergency tree services can check for internal damage and help restore symmetrical shape and density, so the trees can stay healthy.

Trees are important. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, an acre of mature trees absorbs the amount of CO2 produced by a car driven 26,000 miles in just one year. Keep an eye out for these key signs of potential storm damage to your trees to help protect them and keep them healthy. Getting the right tree care as soon as possible after a storm can make all the difference for their lifespan. If you notice one of these signs, reach out to us for emergency tree services today at JL Tree Service Inc.

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