5 Benefits of Having Trees Around Your Home

Trees are a critical part of every ecosystem, and they offer a range of quality benefits to your property, too. Let’s look at a few great reasons why you should have trees on your property.

1. They Reduce Energy Consumption

You probably weren’t aware that having trees on your property could reduce your energy bills. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, carefully positioned trees can reduce a home’s energy consumption for heating and cooling by up to 25%. This means that, when you plant trees, you are helping the environment in multiple ways.

2. They Save You Money

If your energy consumption is being cut by 25% thanks to your trees, that means you are saving money every month on your energy bills. Every little bit counts when it comes to your monthly expenses, and this is a great way to save.

3. They Help Your Community

When you plant trees and care for existing trees on your property, you are doing your part to beautify your community. Not only do trees help make your neighborhood more beautiful but they also help cool your directly surrounding community as well. It’s estimated that the net cooling effect of a healthy tree is equivalent to a 10-room-sized air conditioner that has been operating for 20 hours a day, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That’s a lot of cooling power for one tree. This can help to create a cooler overall area that all of your neighbors benefit from.

4. They Increase Your Home’s Value

Another surprising benefit of having trees on your property is that healthy trees can have an appraisal value of $1,000 to $10,000. Valuable trees on your property translate into a more valuable home. Actual home value can be increased from 3% to 5% thanks to your trees. This is a good asset if you’re considering selling your property in the future. Remember, this only applies to healthy trees, though. You will need tree services to ensure your trees are in good shape year-round.

5. They Provide Cleaner Air

The U.S. Department of Agriculture claims that one acre of forest can put out four tons of oxygen. This meets the annual oxygen needs of 18 people. When there is a richer supply of oxygen in the air, the air is cleaner and healthier for people.

Professional tree services can help to keep your home’s trees in great shape throughout the year, so they can continue to provide your home and community with excellent benefits. If you’re looking for tree services to keep your trees in their best condition, please contact us today at JL Tree Service Inc.

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