Stump Shavings In Your Gardens

Professional stump grinding is a great option for stump removal, and the stump shavings can be reserved for use. All you have to do is ask your tree removal service to leave the stump shavings behind.

Did you know it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours to grind a tree stump? Once you have the stump ground, what do you do with all those stump shavings?

Why Stump Grinding Is a Great Idea

Having a dead tree removed is an important step for the safety of your home and the beauty of your landscaping, but you will be left with a stump to deal with. An unsightly tree stump can really affect the aesthetic of your property, and it can also bring its own dangers to your yard.

Tree stumps that are left behind draw insects that can get tired of their living arrangements and move on to other areas of your yard. Professional stump grinding Fairfax homeowners have found is a great way to reduce those stumps to nothing but stump shavings and get them out of the yard.

Stump grinding leaves you with a nice clean slate to plant over, it also ensures that tree is never coming back. Now, what can you do with the stump shavings to make the most of the process?

It Makes Great Mulch

Stump Shavings makes for great organic mulch for your flower beds, vegetable gardens, to amend your soil, and for decorative use. You can mix the shavings with fertilizers and mix it in with your soil or you can spread the shavings as-is on top of the soil.

Shavings can be acidic which can be a great treat for acidic loving plants like Azaleas and other plants, and bushes. It is an organic material that will decompose into the soil and help to nourish your plants as it decomposes.

This natural mulch option gives you the opportunity to care for your plants, help to retain moisture, and provides a decorative touch. It is a win-win situation. You get rid of that stump, and you get free mulch for your garden areas.

Get the professional stump removal and total tree care that you can depend on by connecting with the tree professionals at JL Tree Service today.

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