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JL Tree Service performs large removal in Farifax VA with Crane

See our crews in Action!

JL Tree Service took down 2 very large Tulip Poplar trees in Fairfax VA on Friday and Saturday using our own crane and captured some images of these large tree removals.  The crane, shown in the pictures below, takes very large pieces from the cuts directly out of the tree that the tree climber performs.  Each limb is cut and craned down for safe removal of the tree.

How is tree removal properly performed?

Professionals who have many years in removing large trees can almost perfect the process of taking down large trees.  Precision is key.  Cranes make a big difference of course.  If a crane can properly be setup in the street, driveway, or yard and it cane reach the tree, it can be used to remove the entire tree, limbs and trunk.  Sometimes, if the tree is out of reach due to proximity of the tree in the yard and where the crane can properly setup, the crane may either not be able to help at all and the tree must be roped down by hand, or the crane can setup and the ground men can role the large limbs and logs to a proper and safe lifting area closer to the crane.  This is often done when the reach is to far.  Either way, tree removal can be done carefully, safely, and efficiently with the proper experience of tree climbers and rope men.  It is most definitely an art to do this highly skilled job!

Photo Credit – Hector Alvarado, tree crew foreman

Tree Removal – Communication is key

Communication between the crane operator, tree climber, and ground men is absolutely critical for a successful job well done.  Just one small error can result in someones life, personal property, or other catastrophe. Safety is top priority at JL Tree Service.  Weekly safety meetings are part of our safety program.  We are in the process of currently creating a best safety culture for our organization.  Our main goal is safety in all aspects. Hand signals from crane operators and tree climbers for each and every cut is essential.  Communication with those on the ground, and understanding of the ‘drop zone’ or ‘work zone’ plays an important role in ensuring success.  Safety talks are encouraged before every job for every crew member.  Not only to describe all safety aspects of the tree, house, property, and tree works, but also for local pedestrians, home owners, and nearby people, streets, and sidewalk.  High tension power lines need to be looked for every time.  Struck by’s are the most common tree fail injury and can be fatal.  Having pre-job safety inspections and talks makes a huge difference in how a job is performed safely.

How much does it cost?

Pricing for tree removals depends mostly on the size and accessibility of a tree.  These 2 large Poplar trees above were $4,500 each.  They were approximately 45″ DBH and in the side and back yard.  Our crane could reach them each so that helped with providing our customers a better price.  When the cranes cannot reach the tree, and the large limbs and wood must be hauled out by hand, this can add to the cost.  Crane jobs are more expensive due to the cost of the added equipment and operator, but less time so at the end of the day our cranes can definitely save our customers money.

JL Tree Service always provides free estimates, and Winter is a great time to perform large tree removals since we offer a 15% OFF Winter discount.

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