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Alexandria Virginia is a great place to live.  A hop onto the beltway and you are quickly either in Washington DC or Maryland.  The Woodrow Wilson bridge connects Maryland to Virginia just over the Potomac river.  Old Town Alexandria, just off the Potomac, is a great place to enjoy a weekend out.  An attractive community that has great shops, awesome restaurants, beautiful scenary, and enough entertainment for all ages.  The City of Alexandria & Alexandria VA residents in Fairfax County are great places to be for sure.  Alexandria VA has man trees and actually has its own tree service employees, equipment, and trucks to keep up with all the work!  Tree service is also contracted out by the City to maintain the beauty and keep the safety for the general public.  MEET OUR TEAM of arborists!

Alexandria VA Commercial & Residential Tree Services

JL Tree Service Inc has been providing tree removal & pruning in Alexandria for many years.  Our company has served thousands of residential customers and hundred of commercial companies in Alexandria over the years. Fort Belvoir is a place with many trees, we have serviced this location through our GSA Schedule and through commercial companies as a sub-contractor.  Mt Vernon, old George Washington’s property has many estates and beautiful properties.  We have provided tree services to many local residents in Mt Vernon.  Franconia & Belle Haven has similar gorgeous houses and properties as well, and JL Tree Service Inc has many repeat customers in this area.  It is very common for our tree crews to be working in the City of Alexandria.

Permits, Power Company, & Cranes for Tree Removals

For tree removals, it is often that we coordinate with Dominion VA Power to either cut back limbs to close to power lines or have Dominion drop power while we cut the trees that are in close proximity to power lines.  OSHA’s rule is that private tree companies do not work within 15′ of high tension power lines – pole to pole.  The 220 service drops or pole to house lines are shielded, with much less current running through them so its OK for private tree services to work close to them, with extra care.  JL Tree Service Inc has 5 bucket tree crews available, bucket trucks make tree jobs much more accessible and safe in some situations involving services drops, and trees in tight areas with not much space to work.

It is also very common for our company to use our cranes to remove large trees in close proximity to houses that are in decline or dead/dying.  JL Tree Service Inc has 2 cranes and 2 full time crane operators that work with our tree crews each day.  Street, land, and sidewalk closures are necessary when using the cranes.  These permits are pulled by our company and cost money through the City of Alexandria.

Tree & Stump Removals & Pruning for Alexandria Housing Authority

JL Tree Service Inc is proud to have performed a 3 week job for the Alexandria Housing Authority, a tree bid with many tree removals & pruning scattered all around the City of Alexandria.  Some of the larger trees that towered over buildings were removed with our cranes, but most were done by hand and with a bucket truck.  There were 15 locations where our crew worked steadily providing exceptional work.  Our tree crew that did this job worked very hard to make sure it was done in a timely manner, and professionally with ANSI standard techniques and proper cuts.  Hundreds of trees were pruned or removed according to the contract. Many tree stumps, probably a couple days worth, were also ground out.  Our team was very proud of their work, and so was our sales team who landed the job!

Emergency Tree Service & Removal in Alexandria VA

A few years back, a storm burst hit the Del Ray area in Alexandria pretty hard.  I remember driving up the streets in Del Ray seeing a different tree company at every other house, it was a pretty astonishing site.  Our company took many trees of roofs for commercial and residential customers.  Our cranes and tree crews stayed busy with this storm for an entire week performing emergency tree services.


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