5 Reasons Why a Sick or Dying Tree Can Be Hazardous

A sick or dying tree could be hazardous because the tree is not being replenished with the vital nutrients it needs to survive. This means that the longer it stands, the more brittle it becomes. Dead trees can be ripped up by the roots during high winds, causing immense damage to property. Dying tree branches can snap off far more easily than living, healthy wood. It’s vitally important that you have these hazardous trees removed from your property. They’re dangerous for the following reasons:

Storm Damage

During a hurricane, tornado, or winter storm, a large amount of the damage that is done is due to trees tossed about by high winds. Dead and sick trees cause far more damage than healthy living trees, as their root structure isn’t as strong. Their branches also snap off and are flung about by the wind, creating major hazards.

Damage to Property

A dead or sick tree can fall due to the weight it’s bearing, due to high wind, or due to additional stress put on a branch or the trunk. This can cause immense property damage to homes, cars, and other structures that can be extremely expensive to repair.

Damage to Power Lines

Trees that aren’t well maintained can also fall on power and utility lines, creating issues for you and everyone around you. There may also be repercussions from the utility company if you’ve been warned about maintaining the tree and have failed to do so.

Loss of Life

OSHA states that more than one hundred people lose their lives to trees falling on or around them each year. Falling trees aren’t just mildly hazardous, they have the potential to be deadly.

May Not be Covered by Insurance

Depending on your specific insurance policy, damage caused by a falling tree may not be covered. This can mean that you’re left on the hook for a large amount of damage that’s quite costly.

If you have dead or diseased trees on your property, it’s vital that you reach out to a local tree contractor for an estimate. They can examine each tree, then help you work out a plan to prune them and remove dead or diseased trees. You’ll be left with safe, healthy trees and far fewer hazards.

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