Crown Cleaning and Crown Thinning Helps Maintain Healthy Trees

Did you know that a tree has the potential to weigh 50 tons or even more? That’s a pretty heavy tree in your yard that could be close to your home. A tree that heavy more than likely has a few limbs that could fall on your home or vehicles. If you’ve noticed that you have quite a few trees around your home that need pruning, then crown thinning is a service that can help keep your home safe and free from damage.

What Does Crown Thinning Involve?

You may have many questions about crown thinning for trees. Consider it to be a light tree pruning method that focuses on the interior limbs of the tree canopy. A tree service company offers crown thinning from their certified arborists that know exactly what they’re doing and how to take care of your trees. When the interior of a tree is lightly thinned, it allows more sunlight through for your lawn as well as helping to prevent any storm damage. When the wind flow is better through the canopy of a tree, it is less likely to lose limbs during storms. Typically, old trees need crown thinning since they tend to be the most overgrown.

Hazardous Trees Require Attention from Certified Arborists

Trees can look perfectly normal and still be hazardous. This is especially true if it is over-grown or hasn’t been attended to in the past. Those obstructive and excessive limbs can be dangerous for many reasons. You do not want to get to the point where you need tree removal service. Tree services such as shaping, tree pruning, crown cleaning, and thinning are the answers. Your local tree service company can inspect your trees and inform you which services would serve you best. If they recommend tree crown thinning just know this service ensures that your trees stay healthy with the ability to thrive. Consider thinning the canopy for many beneficial reasons.

Control the Shape of Your Trees

A big part of shaping a tree involves crown thinning. Branches can be removed that are way too close to other branches. Those types of branches tend to be shaped at a V-angle directly from the base instead of having a better U-shape. If a branch does not have decent structure strength, or they are crossing branches, those can be removed too. Ultimately, the thinning of the crown can control the shape of a tree and make it look better.

Strong, Healthy Trees Can Block Light

Does your yard have beautiful, robust trees that are so strong they block light from parts of your yard? This can happen over time with healthy tree growth. Stems, leaves, and branches begin to compete for nutrients and light. Some of those branches must be removed. Overcrowding like that calls for thinning services so the remaining branches and the whole tree are given the chance to benefit from stronger growth.

Overgrown Trees Are a Danger to Property

You need to keep your home protected from the wind. Thinning the crown of a tree does just that. Overgrown trees are hit the hardest by the wind. The integrity of a tree is put in jeopardy and the wind could knock the entire tree over. This is especially true if the tree is well-established or very large. They are simply a danger to your property. Take the hazard out with thinning services that keep branches from scraping your home or dangling over sidewalks too.

Do You Have Unhealthy Tree Limbs?

You can tell when a tree limb does not look healthy. It could be that the tree has just been battered by old age, natural disasters, or pests. If you’ve noticed some tree limbs like this, and they aren’t even growing or producing healthy leaves or they’re missing bark, it’s time to have them removed. Crown thinning services focus on removing limbs like this too, so the overall health of your tree is not compromised.

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