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Tree Service – JL Tree serves Northern VA, MD, & DC

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JL Tree Service Inc employs the best in the business when it comes to tree services.  With 10 crews and approximately 70 employees on staff, our company has the experience and credentials to set us apart from the competition.  MEET OUR TEAM of arborists!

Northern Virginia is located in a area that is most prevalent to storms.  Tucked under the mountains and not to far from the shore, extreme weather patterns are a mandatory occurrence.  Its not what if the storm comes, it is when is the storm going to come.  On top of the storms, our area is filled with older large old growth trees.  Add an urban and highly populated density to the mix, and you have urban forestry at its finest!

This formula of people and trees living together creates the necessity for tree services and tree removal.   There are hundred of tree service companies in Northern VA.  Don’t hire the first company you find however, do some research and make sure the company you are entertaining is fully insured and licensed to do business.  Make sure the tree company has a Certified Arborist on staff, newer equipment, and is located within 10-15 miles of your service area.  Also, never pay a tree company up front.

Read more about how to hire a tree company.

JL Tree Service Inc is fully insured, licensed, certified, and accredited through the TCIA.  You can be assured that you are getting quality service when you hire our company. We have been serving the Northern VA area since 1975.  Our arborists have years of experience and are confident in the evaluations of your trees.  You can expect quality work, a quick response, and reasonable rates.

Tree Services

Emergency Tree Service

During a storm, it is very common that a tree can topple over or uproot and fall on a house, structure, vehicle, or power line.  In the case of an emergency, home owners need professional service companies that they can rely on.  Our company specialist in the event of emergency tree service or storm damaged trees fall onto your house or property.  We have professionals standing by ready to handle this very situation.  Better yet, we own our own cranes and have our own operators since time is of the essence.  We however do not recommend to have emergency tree removals completed at night.  It is far to dangerous and most of the time the job can wait until the morning – its not going anywhere that is for sure!

Tree & Stump Removal

Tree and stump removal is by far our most highly performed service and our specialty.  Our owner has directed our company to focus on tree removals based on our experience, equipment, and core competencies.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree trimming & pruning is the other most highly performed service and specialty of our company.  Our arborists and tree specialists provide ANSI standard pruning methods.  There are 4 types of pruning, crown cleaning, crown thinning, crown raising, and crown reducing.  Vista pruning and structural pruning are 2 other common pruning types.  Discuss what is best for your tree with our arborists, they offer expert advise for all scenarios.

Crane Rental Service

We own 2 38 ton rear mount cranes, 1 Terex, and 1 Altec that have up to 120′ of boom stretch.  Our 2 crane operators both have over 15 years in the tree industry working with trees.  Also, for many years and on a regular basis, our crane operators perform A/C set lifts, set trusses for houses, lift air compressors, lift glass, or any other small job that requires a crane.

Recycling & Grinding – Mulch Supply

So you might ask the question, “just what do you do with all that wood and debris material after removing or pruning trees?”.  Great question.  All of our tree debris and wood is brought back to your yard in Fairfax, VA where we reduce the material into a quality double shredded mulch supply.  Our yard employees have all the equipment necessary for making this possible including 2 rubber tire loaders, a horizontal grinder, an excavator, and more.

Tree Care – Nutrition & Fertilization

Plant health Care is a trademark service in the tree industry today.  Our industry partners and tree biologists have come a long way over the past decade even.  Today, we understand more than ever before about the biology of our beloved trees.  We understand more of why trees go into decline, what negatively effects trees, and how to care for trees.  Our approach is simple however.  Most of the time, it is our environment that causes a tree to stress or go into decline.  Therefore, treatment options are not necessary because it is to late therefore removal is the only option.  On the other hand, if a tree has gone into decline, most of the time if it lives it will help itself.  We have a common saying around here, that is; “Trees can take care of themselves”.  Preventative maintenance such as pruning, tree support systems, and deep root fertilizing are the best approaches to take.

Snow Plowing

During the Winter, we have 8 plow trucks that keep busy with approximately 32 snow plowing contracts.  We offer residential and commercial snow plowing services mostly to HOA’s, and shopping centers.

Landscaping & Planting

Our landscape crew is excellent.  We do not provide lawn service or grounds maintenance, however, do provide residential and commercial landscape services.  This includes, small tree & shrub trimming, shaping, cleaning up mulch beds, edging, weeding, and more.

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