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JL Tree Service provides tree removal and pruning in Vienna VA since 1975

JL Tree Service Inc has been serving Vienna VA for tree removal & service for many years.  There are many housing communities in Vienna Virginia where older homes are being torn down and new homes built on the existing home site.  With all of the new construction and building, the residents of Vienna need to consider the health and vitality of their trees.  It is completely understandable to want to remove trees that are in such close proximity to your home!   Consult with our certified arborist to discuss best options to keep the trees in your yard in the best of care.

Vienna VA Tree Service’s that we provide:

  • Emergency Service – uprooted, split, or fallen trees from storm damage
  • Tree Removal & Stump Grinding
  • Tree Trimming & Pruning methods
  • Tree Fertilization, & Cabling
  • Mulch Supply & Free Wood Chips

Tree Care, what to look for in  your trees

The upkeep of your trees is very important if you want to keep vibrant, healthy trees.  Trimming your trees, such as, crown cleaning to prune deadwood, diseased, and dying limbs is a very common and necessary task.  This is so disease cannot spread and cause further issues with other live parts of the canopy.  There are some very large trees in Vienna VA, and maintaining them properly is crucial.  For example, topping trees causing weak branch structures, looks terrible, and should not occur.  Pruning trees to clear limbs from a structure such as a house, shed, garage, etc, is a good thing.  It is very important to make proper cuts whenever pruning, always make sure to cut back to the live lateral growth.  Recently, we have had extreme weather conditions.  To much rain, then an approximate 2 month drought, this has caused some trees to go into decline or dieback.  Call our Certified Arborists to assess your trees today!

What to look for in a tree care company?

The following list are really important criteria when selecting a tree service contractor in Vienna VA.

  • Licensed & Fully Insured (ask for their COI)
  • Safety first and conscious, having regular safety talks
  • Experienced personnel, how many years in business and foremans, climbers, groundmans – how long have they worked together?
  • Newer Equipment, ask if the tree removal service company owns their own equipment ?
  • TCIA Accredited, or at least a member of the Tree Care Industry Association
  • ISA Certified Arborists on staff – very important
  • Are they following the ANSI A300 Tree Pruning standards?

Why Choose JL Tree Service Inc?

We meet all of the criteria listed above in what to look for in a tree service company.  We have the experienced personnel to get the job done safely and efficiently.  Our prices are excellent, you are sure to be obtaining a great price for the level of service and customer care provided by our staff.  With our friendly staff of knowledgeable tree professionals, you are in good hands!  Much of our experience with trees has been passed down from over 40 years of providing exceptional service and tree care.  We treat your trees like their our own.  In fact, one of our favorite sayings while we are out estimating is “What I would do if I lived here, is this”!   As working arborists and caring for many peoples trees everyday, we have a process of doing whats best for the tree as much as possible while valuing our customers requests as well.

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