Specialized Lumber Orders

Specialized Lumber Orders & Custom Wood Works

JL Tree Service Inc now has the ability to offer custom specialized lumber orders and wood works.  We generate a lot of logs from our tree removals.  We have a portable Sawmill to custom cut our logs and wood product.  If you have a raw materials need for a project, we are now taking small custom lumber orders.

Specialized custom Lumber Works

We do not have the ability to take large orders.  Large orders would be considered over 50 board pieces of any size.  50 board pieces is currently our maximum limit.  We are providing small specialized orders ONLY.  Our product inventory generally consists of mostly Poplar, Oak, and Maple.  Sometimes we get Hickory, Gum, Cherry, Locust, Beech, Elm, and Ash.  Walnut, Cedar, Apple, etc are more rare.  Limited supply while it lasts !

What products are we making?  Good Question!

Specialized Lumber for Sauna or other small project

See below for our recent Cedar log cuttings for a sauna.  Raw cut lumber only!

Mantels and Shelving

See below for an Oak mantel and Cherry Shelving project.  The Cherry shelving was made from cherry lumber that was cut about 10 years ago.  So it was completely dried with very low moisture levels.  That is a best case scenario since we do not currently have a kiln.  The Oak mantel was cut about 2 years ago and was not dried before it was installed.  The mantel was manually cut with a chainsaw, and planed.  Part of the live edge ‘bark’ was left on for a natural look and since it had a nice curve in the board.

Table tops and Islands

We offer custom cut table tops and wood islands.  We can also cut custom pieces for furniture tops.

Decking and Fencing Board Lumber

We offer custom cut wood for decking and fencing including board panels, posts, and rails.

All pieces that we cut are raw, and right from the tree logs.  We do not offer much other wood processing such as kiln drying, planing, routing, carving, etc.

Call for pricing and availability.

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