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Snow Plowing Service Northern VA

JL Tree Service Inc offers snow plowing services in Northern VA to residential, commercial, government, & non-profit organizations. We have provided snow plowing services for many years now. We have over 40 commercial contracts to perform snow plowing. Most of the contracts are for HOA’s, shopping centers, a hospital, parking lots, property management companies properties, residential driveways, and more.

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Our rates are very competitive for snow plowing service. We do have 2 hour minimums for any of our snow plowing customers. However, we do not abuse our time on the job. Our crews are very hard working and get the jobs done timely and efficiently.


Our equipment is in great shape and newer so you don’t have to worry about us breaking down and delaying getting the job done timely.

  • 10 Pick up trucks each equipped with snow plows
  • 5 Sanders for salt and sand applications
  • 2 Rubber Tire Loaders for wet, heavy, and deep snows – usually needed when it snows over 1 foot.
  • 2 Skid Steers

Experience snow plow operators

Many of the same guys have been snow plowing for our company for over 10 years. With over 70 employees, JL Tree Service Inc has the experience, equipment, and expertise to handle any job. We get extremely busy during the snow blizzards over the years when our area receives a significant amount of snow accumulation. We work 24/7 to open streets, parking lots, and all driving areas for our customers.


Our company has over 40 contracts, many customers that have been using us for snow plowing for many years – some over 30 years! Our contract is very simple, a rates are reasonable. You can be assured that you are getting hard workers to complete your jobs. We understand, when it snows you need to be able to get places!

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