Tree Trimming Service in the Spring Season

Leaves and Flowers budding, time for trim?

Spring Season Tree Service & Trimming

It’s time to see the leaf buds!  Do my trees need some tree trimming?

After a long cold winter, the Spring bloom is finally upon us.  Tree Services such as tree removals, pruning, stump grinding, mulching, fertilizing, etc are ramping up.  As we get back outside to assess how our plants did, we will find out tree and shrub cutting needs.  During the Spring season, trees and plants mostly allocate their resources to growth.  Keep your trees healthy and vigorous by trimming them this year!

Photos of DC Cherry Blossoms this year!  Yoshino Cherries…


Tree Trimming – how to know if your trees need to be pruned?

One common goal is to make sure you don’t trim or cut to early, so you don’t lose your flowers bloom.  The best thing to do is to have an arborist come evaluate your yard and trees to determine what really needs to be trimmed or pruned.  Most mature trees that are over say 40′, you will want to keep an eye out for large dead limbs with no leaves, missing or peeling bark, etc.  You will definitely want to prune the deadwood out of those large trees for safety.  Cutting live limbs away from a house or structure, elevating low limbs, and lightly thinning out the canopy for more sunlight are other tree pruning considerations.  Overgrown canopies should definitely be thinned and cleaned out for airflow so mold or bacteria doesn’t build up.  Trees that are in tight spaces, or that may have overgrown the area might need a pruning reduction.  Pruning back split storm damaged limbs is a good thing to do for the overall health of the tree.  Overall, safety is generally the first thing we look for, people and trees.

Planting recommendations for this Spring

Native trees are the best recommendation since they are trees that naturally do well in a certain areas environment.  Planting native trees and/or shrubs establish easier and maintain better as well. Here are some ideas for planting trees/shrubs this Spring season.  One of my favorite small trees to recommend is a Redbud…


  • White Oak, Bur Oak, Overcup Oak, Post Oak, Chestnut Oak, Willow Oak, Pin Oak, Scarlet Oak, Black Oak, Laurel Oak, Water Oak, Red Maple, Sugar Maple, October Glory Maple, Red Sunset Maple, Boxelder
  • Black Tupelo (BlackGum), Hickory, American Beech, Tulip Poplar, American Elm, American Sycamore, Balsam Poplar, Eastern Cottonwood, Pecan, Birch, Black Walnut, Hackberry, Sweetgum, Wild Cherry, Black Locust, American Basswood (Linden), Persimmon, Green Ash, Paulownia, Ginkgo, BaldCypress (Deciduous Conifer)
  • Smaller trees such as Flowering Dogwood, American Yellowwood, Sourwood, Eastern Redbud, American Hornbeam (Ironwood), Linden, Cherry, American Chestnut, Hawthorn, Honey Locust


  •  Easter Red Cedar, Deodar Cedar, White Pine, Virginia Pine, Loblolly Pine, Red Pine, Pitch Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, Leyland Cypress, Green Giant Arborvitae, Southern Magnolia, Eastern Hemlock, American Holly
  • Smaller trees such as Nelly Stevens Holly, Emerald Green Arborvitae, Red tip Photinia (can get big!), Austrian (Black) Pine, Juniper, Yew

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