Storm Damage Tree Removal

Removing a large Split tree

Storm damage Tree Removal

Some jobs are easier than others!   Storm damage tree removal definitely takes the cake for complexity!  You can see from this photo below how dangerous, but also exciting, our job can really be.  This is a type of job where many years of climbing and rigging experience are necessary to complete the job safely. Take this specific job for example. How do you get that large tree down safely without damaging anything? Having other large trees nearby makes a huge difference in removing split storm damaged trees.

Look closely at this Storm Damage tree removal!

In the picture above, do you see the other 2 large white Oak trees that we used in the photo. One to the left and the other behind to the right? Having these nearby large trees to rope off and set lines in makes all the difference. Can you see the lines that are tied into the other trees?

Things to consider:

Storm damage tree removals can definitely add another level of risk and expertise to perform the work efficiently and safely for everyone. This type of job should absolutely be left to the professionals.  One sudden slip or fail could mean tragedy in many different situations, even for the professionals!  Each cut matters and not every cut is the same. Decisions on how a difficult tree job is done is mostly decided in the up front planning, before the actual work begins.  Many factors are included in the decisions for planning such as:

  • What are the targets? houses, sheds, fences, other trees you don’t want to damage in the process
  • How much weight to take for each cut?
  • Where is the work/landing zone for rigging the limbs down to the ground?
  • Where do we set our rigging pulley to rig from?
  • What is the safest way to get the brush and debris hauled and chipped?

Tree crew workers have to make good decisions on a daily basis, such as in the example above. Sometimes, decisions are easy, and sometimes it takes more thought to come up with a good plan. Emergency tree removal is definitely exciting yet dangerous work. JL Tree Service has the expertise to do this kind of work safely and efficiently.

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