Tree Services in the Winter

Benefits of Tree Services in the Winter Season

Tree Services in the Winter

Why is it good to do tree work in the Winter season?  There are a few really good reasons to perform tree services such as tree removal, tree trimming & pruning, etc in the Winter months.

A Few Reasons to hire a tree company in the Winter Season:

Tree Services cost less in the Winter

The reason that tree services cost less in the Winter months is because the work load slows during this time of year, most of the time.  When it is cold outside, people aren’t going out in their yards quite as often, at least not compared to the Spring when the weather is warm.  With the holidays, residents are not always thinking about their annual tree budget at this time either.  So it’s usually a win-win for the tree company and the customer to save money on tree services in the Winter.

Trees are dormant

Pruning and trimming trees in the winter months when the trees are dormant is a good thing.  It is a great time to prune trees because insects and funguses aren’t as active in the cold.  During the spring, insects and bacteria are more present with the warmer weather, so trees can be more susceptible to these things with open wounds from the tree cutting.  It doesn’t mean that you cannot prune trees in the Spring, Summer, or Fall timeframe, it’s just another advantage of pruning your trees in the cold dormant months.  Pruning during the growth season can also limit growth, which is another advantage of pruning in the Winter.  Pruning out the deadwood in trees can be done anytime of the year.  Cutting live branches is better to do in the dormant season, especially on large Oaks.

 Deciduous tree leaves are gone

It is a beneficial advantage for arborists to prune trees in the Winter because it is easier to move around and work in the canopies.  Visibility within a tree’s canopy becomes easier to see as well.  Arborists can identify dead and dying branches when there are no leaves on the trees.  Another advantage of winter tree pruning and trimming is the workload.  Chipping brush and cleaning up become easier due to no leaves on the branches. Tree branches are lighter, making lifting and maneuvering workloads easier. Tree removals also become less strenuous.

In summary, there are many advantages of performing tree work in the Winter. With the overall health benefits of pruning trees in dormancy, and cost savings especially for large tree removals, tree work in the winter is a great idea!  JL Tree Service has a 15% winter discount, which can add up to a lot of money off.

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