Crane Rental Service

Crane Rental Service for A/C Units & Trusses & Tree Removals

JL Tree Service Inc offers Crane Rental Services

Crane Rentals for A/C Sets

 It is very common for commercial properties to need new A/C and heating systems.  New or older buildings most of the time need cranes to lift the new units onto the building roofs.  The crane setup is extremely important for different size cranes to access these building roofs.  Usually, on 3-5 story buildings, 30-40 ton cranes with approx 120′ boom reach work great to lift the 500-1,500 lb units.  Taller buildings could require larger cranes, especially if accessibility is tough or require further distances to perform the lift.  However, on most smaller buildings 30-40 ton cranes will work just fine.  JL Tree Service Inc owns 3 cranes that are in the 30-40 ton range.  Coordination is very important when scheduling our crane rental services.  Customers needing this service, please make sure that the new unit is delivered either the day before or early morning of the crane rental.  There are occasions where we have shown up with our crane at the scheduled time, and the units were not delivered on time.  Also, especially in Washington DC, there may be a permit that is required for crane setup.  Any necessary permits are at the responsibility of our customers.  So make sure to take a look at your local city or town to make sure a permit is not required.  JL Tree Service Inc is licensed, and fully insured.  We can provide a copy of our certificate of insurance upon request.  JL Tree Service offers crane rental service for setting A/C and heating units onto buildings.

Crane Rentals for Trusses

If you have a new or existing home project that needs trusses to set for the roof, a 30-40 ton crane usually works well.  Single family homes are most common for setting trusses with a 30-40 ton crane.  The crane setup is important, and usually the crane is setup in the driveway for accessibility to set the trusses.  The crane operator can work with the builders to lift the trusses and set them for installation.  It generally takes approximately 2-8 hours or more sometimes depending on the house size.  Using the correct rigging gear is important as well, so the trusses can be set properly without damage.  JL Tree Service offers crane rental service for setting trusses in Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland, and Washington DC.

Cranes for Tree Removals

JL Tree Service has 3 large cranes for helping with removing trees, especially those that are in close proximity to a house.  Cranes can be a major advantage in helping with large tree removals by structures to avoid damage and help get the job done safely and efficiently.  We use our cranes daily to help with this.  Crane setup is a key part in the process.  Most of the time, the crane will need to be set on a driveway.  Depending on how sloped the driveway is, can determine whether or not a crane can even be used.  On highly pitched driveways, sometimes its just not possible.  However, with 3/4″ plywood, outrigger pads, and 6×6 wood blocks, our crews can generally get a crane setup.  The salesman has a lot to consider when putting a crane on the job.  Crane setup is key and so if trying to avoid any potential driveway damage.  We require a signature from our customers that we cannot take responsibility if the crane cracks a driveway.  Older asphalt or already cracked driveways increase the chances of more damage.  We cannot assume liability for setting the heavy cranes on these driveways so please work with our staff to coordinate the best way to perform the tree removal with a crane.  Sometimes, waiting for the Winter if possible, is best and the crane can set in the yard when the ground freezes using plywood.  Sometimes, we may have to revert to doing the job by hand, without the heavy equipment.  It is usually best to at least try to manage getting a crane to help with larger trees if possible.
Safety is our priority, always.  Whether setting trusses, lifting A/C units, or performing tree removals with a crane, our operators must put safety first.  JL Tree Service Inc has many years of experience using cranes (since the 1980’s), and work daily doing this kinds of services.  For more details and pricing – Click Here.


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