Tips for Taking Care of Your Trees During the Summer

If you have various trees and shrubs on your property, you’ll want to be sure to take the time and energy to maintain them throughout the seasons, especially in the summer when landscaping is often neglected. In fact, well-maintained landscaping can increase your property value by up to 14%, making it an excellent investment of your time and energy. This is especially true if you’ll be selling your property or having it appraised in the near future.

You can take care of your trees this summer using the following tips:


Mulching helps keep weed growth down around your trees, as well as maintaining soil moisture so they have the water that they need through the summer. In addition, keeping mulch built up around your trees will keep grass from growing up near the trees’ trunks and roots, so you won’t have to mow or weed as much around the base of the tree.  Be sure not to ‘volcano’ mulch your trees, tree roots at the base of the trunk need oxygen and you want to avoid buttress rot.  Mulching 1-2″ up from ground level is preferred Mulching helps your trees and bushes utilize the watering you do, keeping the water from evaporating and saving you money on your summer water bills.


If you live in an area that’s very dry during the summer, watering is especially important, as it helps make sure that your trees have the water that they need in order to survive. Trees may need to be watered in the summer months, especially when there is a drought.  A professional arborist can work with you to help you determine how much water each of your trees needs and can work out a watering schedule

Care for Trees after Summer Storms

After summer thunderstorms with high winds, your trees may have broken, split, or damaged branches. When this occurs, it’s vital to call in a tree trimming service for assistance. These skilled professionals will assess each tree, then trim any branches as necessary to remove damage and set them up for the best possible growth.

Caring for your trees in the summer is a vital way to ensure that they’re healthy and vibrant throughout the year. Without proper care, your trees and bushes will wither and wilt during the summer, and their growth will be restricted. Taking care to remove damaged branches, water them thoroughly, and mulch them throughout the summer to maintain proper moisture levels will help keep all of your trees and bushes healthy throughout the summer heat.

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