Spring Tree Maintenance: How to Get Your Trees Ready for Warmer Weather

While many people are aware of the need to prepare trees for winter, it is also important to make sure your trees can withstand warmer conditions. Although large trees provide shade that is a welcome relief from the increased heat, without proper maintenance these trees can become hazardous should a storm hit your area.

Additionally, the change in weather will require other maintenance tasks including pest control, increased watering, and pruning. Properly maintained trees and shrubs can increase the value of your property by 14% making tree maintenance a worthwhile investment.


A tree trimming service can conduct an evaluation of your property to determine if your trees pose a risk for damages in the event of a storm. While some trees may need to be completely removed, cabling weak branches can sometimes be sufficient to prevent falling limbs from damaging your home.

Soil and Mulch

Poor quality soil can negatively impact the health of your trees. However, this issue can usually be remedied by using fertilizer and compost, which replenish nutrients. Otherwise, you may need to have your soil de-compacted or aerated to increase the flow of air and water. Mulch is recommended to reduce weeds and preserve moisture.


Pruning should be done in moderation. Pruning increases the overall health of your trees by preventing the spread of decay to healthy branches and increasing airflow. During warmer weather, pruning has the added benefit of allowing more sunlight to pass into your yard. A tree trimming service can help you determine which trees need to be pruned and get this task completed for you.


Don’t rely on sprinklers alone. Trees and shrubs should also be watered regularly to preserve hydration during hot, dry weather. Using a hose, let water trickle for approximately 20 to 30 minutes on each side of your tree’s root system to make sure your tree is getting enough water. Some homeowners use irrigation systems to water their trees, but this can increase your tree’s risk of trunk rot if too much water is delivered to the trunk rather than the roots.

Trees are an asset to your property, but they do require regular maintenance. JL Tree Service offers pruning, tree and stump removal, fertilization, and emergency tree services to help keep your trees in great shape. With proper care, your trees will be prepared for the warmer weather, and add beauty and character to your property year-round.

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