5 Tree Species that Require Regular Trimming

Tree pruning is a critical maintenance task for keeping the trees and shrubs in your yard healthy. Different species will require a variety of methods to keep the plant healthy. Here are some trees that often require frequent trimming.

Apple Trees and Fungal Diseases

Apple trees are vulnerable to diseases caused by fungi such as Cedar-Quince Rust and powdery mildew. One reason tree pruning is crucial is that the crowding of branches and leaves can allow the fungal infestation to spread. You are advised to prune in late winter or early spring before new growth emerges.

You may also need tree trimming services if the branches are overgrown. Commercial producers of apples will remove damaged parts at least once a year. But for homeowners, once every other year is usually sufficient to keep the plant strong and disease-free.

Eucalyptus Tree Growth and Fire Risk

Eucalyptus is one of the fastest-growing plants, as it can grow up to 10 feet every year. The main issue with eucalyptus is its sap which adds weight to the branches. Without regular pruning, they can accumulate a lot of weight that may break off the branches.

The sap of the Eucalyptus tree has highly flammable oils. Contact with the wires on the grid can quickly start a fire. To keep your home safe, it is best to hire a professional tree removal service to handle the task.

Maple Trees Pruning and Managing Diseases

Maple trees are known for their brilliant fall foliage colors. Crown thinning is necessary to ensure all the branches and leaves are getting adequate light. Without regular pruning, maple trees can accumulate an unhealthy weight that may cause structural issues.

Maple trees are also susceptible to fungal infections. The fungal diseases may include powdery mildew, lichen, and tar spot. At the earliest stage, trimming can contain the disease, but if it has already spread, it may call for tree removal.

Willow Trees Weeping Branches

Willow trees are resistant to temperature fluctuations and infections. They grow at a fast rate of six feet per year. However, the branches tend to grow horizontally and they can create obstructions on walkways and driveways.

Willow trees also have a fast-growing root system that can damage residential plumbing unless managed. It is advisable to start shaping the plant while it is still young. A tree removal service can assist you will crown cleaning and disease prevention.

Linden Trees and Managing Pests

Linden is a popular landscaping tree that can grow up to 130 feet. They can withstand a wide range of soil conditions and do not require a lot of trimming while they are young. However, mature trees will need pruning to prevent pests like the Japanese Beetle and aphids. The best time to prune is before spring while the plant is still dormant.

Get the Right Professionals

For the best results, formulate a tree trimming schedule before branches become hazardous and infested with disease. If in doubt, consult a tree removal service for a professional assessment of your garden.

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