5 Crucial Reasons to Remove Dead Trees From Your Yard

Statistics from OSHA indicate that 100 people die annually as a result of falling trees. As such, routine trees service by a qualified arborist is essential to keep your yard free from accidents caused by trees.

Dead trees are the most prone to falling. Root rot, easily identified by an arborist from your tree removal company, is the cause of dead trees. Read on to understand why you need to remove dead trees from your yard.

Spread of Infection to Other Trees and Vegetation

You should seek immediate stump grinding services to save your entire landscape. When mold from an infected tree gets into contact with another tree or vegetation, diseases spread. Wind and other natural factors contribute to spreading disease from an infected tree to another.

Tree pruning is recommended when only a section of a tree is infected. Pruning saves the uninfected part of the tree and the rest of the vegetation. You should ensure that the pruned parts do not get into contact with other trees or plants to prevent further spread of diseases.

Negatively Affect the Aesthetics of Your Yard

A dead tree brings a gloomy feeling to your once vibrant yard. Mushrooms and other unwanted plants begin to grow around the base of your once-thriving tree. Stump grinding services are among the tree removal services that you should consider to restore the glory of your yard.

Unwanted Pests and Wildlife Infestation

You do not want termites and rats anywhere near your home, and that is why you need to hire stump grinding services to ground that dead tree. Dead trees are a good habitat for pests that might spread to other trees in your yard and eventually to your home.

Birds and squirrels may also make a home on your dead tree. It then becomes a major challenge moving them to alternative habitats when you decide to have the tree removed. Timely tree removal is essential to avoid critters and pests.

Branches Break Easily

Upon root rot, branches eventually dry up due to a lack of water and nutrients. This poses a great danger if you have a path beside the dead tree. Pets or people passing nearby may have branches falling on them at any point. The best way out is to seek stump grinding services as soon as you spot a dead tree.

Fall off Anytime

Once a tree is dead, it could topple over at any time in any direction. Tree falling is both dangerous and costly to the owner of the yard. Other than causing damage to property, it may cause irreversible injury or death to anyone around.

Due to the dire consequences of tree falling, you should hire an arborist to assess your yard every once in a while. Identifying dead trees as soon as possible is the best way to prevent the damages caused by a tree falling.

It’s important to always seek professional help when taking care of your yard to avoid the risks associated with dead trees. If you also don’t want to compromise the aesthetics of your home when dealing with dead trees, stump grinding services will come in handy. Contact us today if you are looking for a reliable tree removal service company.

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