5 Ways Trimming Is Beneficial to the Health of Your Trees

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Tree trimming services can improve the structure of your trees and enhance your home’s curb appeal. But there’s more to trimming than aesthetics. It is an essential maintenance routine that upholds the health of the trees on your property.

At the same time, it helps prevent injury and damage as a result of falling branches. This is important given that the National Storm Damage Center estimates that falling trees cause more than $1 billion in property damage every year. Here are the five reasons tree trimming is crucial.

1. Helps Boost the Health of Your Trees

Dead branches can be a host to a wide range of pests and diseases. By removing them, you’ll be getting rid of diseases before they spread to surrounding trees. If there are decaying branches, it is just a matter of time before they fall and could potentially cause damage. Worse still, the falling branches can easily injure you, your loved ones, or people passing beneath or near the trees. This could result in expensive medical bills or legal suits.

2. Helps Enhance Root Health

A professional tree trimming service will be cautious when removing diseased parts of the tree. For example, cutting the branches too close can leave the tree with a wound. But if crown thinning is done with care, the tree won’t be harmed and will continue to grow.

3. It Improves Aesthetics

Crown thinning involves removing some of the interior branches in the tree canopy. The thinning process allows the tree to develop its structure. It makes your property neat and aesthetically pleasing. The extra energy promotes the healthy growth of different parts of the tree.

4. It Helps Manage Tree Mass

The mass of your trees also needs to be managed by tree trimming services. Arborists recommend that you stick to a crown cleaning schedule every two to four years depending on species and conditions. Crown cleaning is a process that selectively removes the lateral branches, particularly the weak and diseased ones, crossing/rubbing injured/damaged limbs. The process can prevent damage by storms and strong winds that may force parts of the tree to break. The removal of excess weight allows for the healthy growth of branches and roots.

5. It’s Essential in Controlling Diseases

Diseases like Oak Wilt and Bacterial Leaf Scorch can spread to other branches and eventually to your garden. An arborist from a reputable tree trimming service can determine the precise parts that need to be cut. Over-pruning can injure the tree, so you don’t want to cut more than 25% of the live canopy ratio. Trees grow when thriving mostly based on environmental conditions. They store sugar (starch) in their roots as an energy reserve for potentially difficult environmental conditions such as drought. You also need to pay attention to the timing to avoid causing the tree stress or decline.

You should avoid pruning if the soil is too dry or flooded since the tree is vulnerable and can’t fight infections. Timing is also critical because some insect vectors can facilitate the spread of disease. For example, in the presence of Oak Wilt, an arborist will limit pruning to periods when the sap beetle is inactive.

Before you start cutting down branches, you need to understand how it can impact your trees. You could unintentionally harm the tree or facilitate the spread of pests and disease in your garden. It is better to hire a Certified Arborist professional tree trimming services to deal with tree maintenance without risking the health of the tree.

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