How Stump Removal Keeps Your Yard Safe and Healthy

After cutting down a tree, it is wise to start the stump removal process as soon as possible. Some homeowners may ignore the task, perhaps perceiving it to be inconsequential. But it can cause a wide range of problems in your home. Here are the top five reasons for uprooting trees and discarding the stump.

1. It Helps Stop Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites live under the soil but usually come up to the ground to look for wood. If you leave the stump lying on your yard, termites will likely build a colony there. They will eventually attack your home and ruin parts of the building.

Statistics indicate that termites destroy homes worth $5 billion every year in the U.S. Repairing the damage will cost you thousands of dollars. It takes between 15 minutes and 2 hours to grind down a stump. Stump removal is an inexpensive strategy to avoid the destruction of your property.

2. It Limits Pests and Fungi

When termites start breaking down the wood, the decaying matter will attract other destructive insects. Dead trees are particularly susceptible to attracting wood-boring insects and carpenter ants.

The decaying matter is also a fertile environment for microorganisms that cause disease. If you don’t organize for trump removal on time, disease-causing microorganisms will spread throughout your yard. There is also the possibility of a fungal infestation originating from that stump affecting nearby flowers, trees, and shrubs.

3. It Prevents Root Re-growth

Stump grinding is one way to prevent unhealthy tree re-growth, especially if it is a tree that you wanted to get rid of completely.

Remember, even if you would not mind the tree regrowing, the numerous new shoots can quickly deplete nutrients from the soil. This will negatively impact the health of your other trees and shrubs. Again, once the shoots have gained footing, they can be complicated to remove.

4. It Minimizes Risks and Liabilities

Also, roots will extend to other parts of the property. Root growth can be destructive to the sewer lines and the water supply. Besides killing the plants, it may start a flooding problem. Excess moisture could cause extensive damage to parts of your home.

Dead trees left on the lawn can be a trip hazard that could injure your family and loved ones. The stump can damage machinery, such as your lawnmower. You may spend a lot of money on fixing equipment and property destruction. There could also be liabilities resulting from injuries individuals may sustain while in your home.

5. It Helps You Maintain Your Curb Appeal

Landscaping your home can take a considerable amount of resources and time to complete. Diseases and pests will leave your shrubs unhealthy after tree removal. Your lawn may develop yellow spots due to pest infestation.

Stump removal ensures your lawn will have enough nutrients and reduces the risk of fungus infestation. Wood-boring insects are known to attack ornamental trees. Clearwing borers are wasp-like insects that also attack species such as dogwood, plums, and cherries.


Stump removal is crucial if you are to keep your yard healthy and safe. You can hire a tree service to ensure the process is thorough and complete. A professional service has the equipment and know-how to do complete the task safely and efficiently. They can spot a disease outbreak and provide useful tips for dealing with unhealthy plants.

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