Essential Tree Pruning Tips to Prevent Property Damage

As trees grow older and mature, it’s important to keep up their maintenance. The National Storm Damage Center reported that over $1 billion worth of property damage each year is the result of falling trees. Tree pruning can be helpful in order to prevent these damages. Crown cleaning your trees will not only keep the tree looking clean-cut, but your family and neighbors will also be protected from debris.

You should also consider stump removal. When a tree is cut down, stumps can remain and become hazardous if you and your family spend a lot of time outdoors. Stumps can be removed and stump shavings or stump grindings can be put in a pile, leaving a more natural way to get rid of the remaining particles. You can also have a tree removal service company haul away these stump shavings if you want your yard to be spotless.

What Is Crown Cleaning?

Crown cleaning is the removal of dead, crowded, or weakened tree branches. Adhering to these maintenance practices will ensure that your yard or street isn’t in danger of hazardous trees damaging your property.

When to Call Someone for Maintenance on Your Tree

You should call a tree removal service company that specializes in crown cleaning, uprooting trees, and tree pruning. Search for businesses in your area that specialize in these services instead of landscaping companies who do maintenance on lawns and other greenery like hedges and bushes. Most likely they won’t have the equipment to perform a tree cutting service.

If a tree branch falls or the surface roots of a tree start uprooting from the ground, these are considered emergencies and you should call a tree removal service company. Make sure you find a company that has specialists who are TCIA Accredited and have several arborists on their staff. You will have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have a long response time and you’ll know that the people you are entrusting your safety too are experienced professionals who know what they are doing.

Call us today for the tree pruning Vienna residents rely on. Maintaining your tree’s appearance is more than just looks; it can save you money you might have to spend on damages if maintenance isn’t done.

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