What You Need to Know About Tree Care and Removal

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not think about hiring a tree removal service company until they notice they have some hazardous trees on their property. A tree removal service company that offers professional tree care services can help to ensure you never have to worry about dead trees.

Tree care is something that should be left to the professionals. There is a specific skill set that has to be developed to keep trees in top condition and looking great.

The Real Value of Well Kept Trees

Investing in a tree removal service company that offers professional tree care is well worth the investment. Trees are a great asset to your property. They prevent soil erosion, add interest to your landscape, and more. There is no doubt that trees add value to your landscape. They provide shade and help to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Well kept trees deliver the aesthetic that you want for your property. Professional tree care takes the burden off of you while delivering exceptional results. Of course, to get the most value from the trees on your property, you want them to stay healthy.

Keeping You and Your Property Safe

Hazardous trees should be removed by an experienced tree removal service company as soon as possible. Property damage from trees cost homeowners over 2 million dollars last year. Of course, it is not only property that is at risk.

The reason you need a professional tree removal service company to clear your property of dangerous trees is the risk of personal injury and even death. Over 300 deaths from fallen trees in the US were reported in 2019. The risks involved with trying to remove these trees on your own are tremendous. OSHA reports that over 2500 people were injured on their own property trying to deal with tree removal.

Protecting Your Trees

A tree professional not only specializes in Fairfax tree removal, but they can provide the care your trees need to stay strong and healthy. Pruning, crown thinning, and general care require experience, the right skill set and the right tools.

Hiring a professional tree service to manage your trees is the best way to not only keep your landscape looking great but to keep it safe. Healthy trees do not become hazardous trees. Most people do not know that crown cleaning, pruning, and other care when not done right can greatly damage their trees.

For example, did you know that when crown thinning you should only be trimming away around 10%-15% of growth from the interior? It is a simple fact that most people are not aware of. Over thinning can damage the tree and stunt the growth, in some cases it will invite disease, and cause long term problems.

If you have trees that need to be removed or cared for properly call the professional tree service that can do it all.

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