A Guide to Help You Understand How to Fell Trees

Falls from dead trees pose a safety hazard to you, your family, and your property. According to the National Storm Damage Center, tree falls cause more than $1billion in property damage annually. You need to act fast and remove the awkwardly leaning tree in your backyard before it falls on your home. However, felling is also a risky endeavor and should only be done by a professional tree removal service company. The correct tree cutting methods create a safe working environment, which is essential for tree felling.

Plan Ahead

Consult your arborist first before taking down your tree. An expert arborist will inspect the tree for disease and decay before offering a solution. Additionally, you should prepare yourself adequately with the right forestry equipment and protective gear. Have your chainsaw, breaking bars, and winches ready before heading out to cut the tree down.

Moreover, you need to check out for obstacles within the fall path. Check for overhead lines, roads, and buildings that may obstruct the fall of the tree. Make sure to erect enough warning signs before you begin. Choose your preferred felling direction and clear the area around the tree. You should also create a path for your retreat as the tree comes down.

Decide on Your Tree Cutting Methods

Felling techniques are usually affected by the lean, size, and shape of the tree. The methods are relatively similar with the difference occurring on the type of cut. Here are some techniques used by tree removal services.

Classical Notch and Back Cuts

The method involves cutting out a hinge notch and slowing cutting out a back cut that fells the tree towards its natural lean. Advanced cut techniques such as the bore cut help bring down the tree in a safer way. The bore cut usually prevents a ‘barber chair’ where the trunk splits up vertically.

Most loggers use metal breakers and plastic wedges as felling aids that help bring down the tree. The wedges slip into the back cut and use the human power to nudge the tree in the correct direction. They also help to hold the tree, preventing it from sitting back on the cut.

Tree Driving

This technique involves the felling of successive trees where one tree falls on another. You should first consult the local authorities as the method is restricted in some jurisdictions. The technique involves cut one bigger and taller tree and pushing the tree to fell into another one, bringing both down at the same time.

Back Pulling

The procedure involves felling a tree against its natural lean. The tree cutting service uses a winch and block system to haul the tree against its lean and fall in the intended direction. The ropes are tied high up to offer better control over the direction of the fall.

Crane Removal

The technique is usually applied in confined spaces such as urban settings. This helps to minimize the destruction of property during the felling of the tree. The tree is cut piece by piece as the large portion remains attached to a crane for stability.

In Conclusion

Tree felling is an essential service that may help keep your family and property safe. The company may use different tree cutting methods to bring down the tree. Using certified experts may help create a safe working environment during the tree removal service.

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