3 Good Reasons to Remove Dead Trees From Your Property

Having a property covered with beautiful trees may seem like the ultimate dream for many homeowners. But while trees can live for hundreds of years, they don’t last forever. Whether due to storm damage, lack of maintenance, or insect activity, a tree on your property may die at some point. The question is: do you really need to go through the trouble of removing dead trees?

The answer, as any tree removal service company will tell you, is a resounding yes. Here are three convincing reasons why.

  • It’s an Eyesore: One of the most common reasons homeowners will remove dead trees is, simply put, they aren’t very attractive. Dead trees tend to look withered, bare, and sad overall. Whether you’re thinking of putting your home on the real estate market in the coming months or you simply want to improve your curb appeal to be the envy of the neighborhood, removing a dead tree is a valuable move to make.
  • It Could Spread Disease or Attract Pests: You might not realize it, but one dead tree could easily become several if you fail to take action. If the tree in question has some kind of infectious disease, such as powdery mildew, that disease can quickly take hold of other trees on your property. If you don’t remove that tree, you’ll likely have a much bigger problem on your hands. And if you end up with a lot of hazardous trees, you’ll be in dire need of professional help. Dead trees also attract pests, which can make their way into your home if you aren’t careful. Although you might not love the thought of saying goodbye to this tree, it’s often for the good of the others.
  • It May Cause Damage or Injury: A very compelling reason to remove a dead tree is the likelihood of other kinds of property damage or serious injury. According to OSHA, over 100 people are killed by falling trees every year. And since dying trees are less structurally secure, they’re more likely to fall over than healthy ones. As a result, your home might become damaged or a family member could suffer a major injury or fatality. If you want to protect your loved ones and your house, removing the tree is one of the best things you can do.

Removing a tree from your property may sound unnecessary at first, but it’s often a crucial step to maintain property value and to protect the things that matter most. For more information on dead tree removal or the other tree services we provide, please contact JL Tree Service today.

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