5 Tree Services Homeowners Should Leave to the Professionals

Good tree care isn’t just about regular watering and the right amount of sunlight. It’s also about making sure your trees get the care they need when they are too overgrown or suffering from a disease. Tree service professionals offer many different options that homeowners need to think about if they want to keep their trees healthy and strong. Here are 5 services you might need from a tree care company.


There are many who believe that tree pruning is a simple household chore. In fact, calling a qualified tree service to prune your trees is the best way to ensure the trees on your property are maintained properly. If you’re a handy homeowner, you may have researched several tree pruning methods but a trusted tree service has the experience and tools necessary to make sure necessary tree pruning happens safely and responsibly.

Crown Thinning

Much like pruning, crown thinning helps keep your trees healthy and get rid of any rot or decay that might be affecting the tree. Your tree service will remove branches that are rubbing together due to overcrowding at the tree’s crown, hence the “thinning.” You should only cut around 10-15% of the interior live growth when crown thinning. That’s why you need a steady, expert hand and the knowledge of someone who has spent many years in the tree service business.

Tree Removal

Removing trees on your property should be one of the last things you do if you have a tree that’s suffering. However, dead trees or hazardous trees on your property can pose a serious health risk to your friends and loved ones. You may also need tree removal if you’ve recently experienced a storm and have a tree that’s blown over into your yard. A quality tree service can help you with uprooted trees and getting rid of any dangerous or dead foliage around your house or yard.

Stump Removal

If you’ve managed to get rid of a tree on your property by yourself, what do you do with the stump that’s leftover? Call a tree service! Professional stump removal equipment can either pull that stump out of the ground or grind it down so that it no longer becomes a nuisance to your plans. Consult with your tree removal service company to find the best solution to those pesky stumps.

Privacy Hedge Trimming

Besides trimming trees and removing them from your land, a tree service will also be able to help you add a level of privacy to your home. Look for a company that offers landscape services to help you shape a privacy hedge around your property. Good fences (and hedges) make good neighbors, after all.

Whether you’re dealing with dead trees or just wanting to keep your current trees healthy, our tree care services are perfect for meeting your arboreal needs. Contact us today for your free estimate.

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