Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty

Ethics Chart

How do we run our business?

Ethics are the principles by which you conduct yourself.  Having good ethics is extremely important for life and business.  This ethics chart, created by our general manager, contain the very basic and essential characteristics for how we like to run our organization.  If our employees follow these necessary rules and guidelines, we believe, this is how we will be successful.  Sustaining a long term good reputation is extremely important.  For many years, our president will attest to, honesty is the very most important detail in our conduct.  If we are truly honest with ourselves, our customers, and each other, things will go well.  Integrity is another key aspect of good ethics.  They kind of go together don’t they? honesty and integrity.  Loyalty is the other component we are focusing on here.  From both an employee and employer perspective, keeping loyal to one another even through the difficult times is important.  We have many employees that have been with this company for over 10, 20, 30, and even 40 years!  This fact shows that over time our organization has lived up to the good ethics standard.  It is crucial that we continue living up to these values and morals for future success.

Our daily conduct that determines our behavior

Take a look at this chart.  The left side has good characteristics and the right side has the opposite.  All filter into our company reputation.  Every day, it is important to live by these guidelines.  My job as general manager is primarily to encourage and display these daily ethics in my actions.  I ask for each employee of JL Tree Service to hold me to these standards.  And I ask for you to help me to hold you to these standards as well!


A successful pursuit

Our customers are very important to us, obviously!  Without customers, we don’t have a business!  So we need to constantly evaluate our actions and behavior towards our customers.  At the beginning of each day, before we begin, it is important to take a few moments to reflect on this ethics chart.  Getting in the right frame of mind is critical and can be the difference between success and failure.  Today, most peoples lives are busy and move quickly.  Most of us spend the good portion of our time at our jobs each week.  If we get in a routine of evaluating ourselves by these ethical standards, we are on a path to success.  Sometimes, it takes denying our momentary feelings to achieve a good result!  We don’t always have good easy days.  Persevering through the difficult times is a very important factor.

Communication has many constructs.

  • How well do we listen to others?
  • How do we respond to a difficult situation?
  • Are we abiding by our good ethics? (this determines behavior in our communication)
  • Do we consistently handle communication with our customers well?
  • Did we create an overall happy & loyal customer by our efforts?

And I’m certain you can think of more.  I have copied part of a section from our employee handbook to be summarize this blog post on honesty, integrity, and loyalty:

Our goal at JL Tree Service Inc is simple — extraordinary customer service as we meet our customer’s needs in the tree service industry. We accomplish this by providing quality, safe and efficient tree services.

Our goals are accomplished by the commitment of every employee.  Our values and beliefs require that we:

  • Treat each employee with respect and listen to their input on how to continually improve our service goals.
  • Treat each employee fairly. JL Tree Service Inc does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and encourages all supervisors to involve employees in problem solving creativity. When problems arise, the facts are analyzed to determine ways to avoid similar problems in the future.
  • Provide the most effective and efficient corrective action in resolving customer service issues to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.
  • Each day we contribute to our reputation as service professionals, never sacrifice reputation, a good positive attitude reflects this.
  • Deliver competitive, outstanding service to our customers and, where required, partner our customers with vendors who share our vision.
  • Make “Do It Right the First Time” our commitment as a team.
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