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satisfied customer in Bethesda Maryland for tree removal services

A recent testimonial for tree removal services in Bethesda Maryland.  Franklin’s crew did a great job taking down a 30″+ White Pine tree in our customers front yard using the bucket truck.

Thank you again for your help in responding quickly to our request and for your thoughtful and diligent communication throughout this process. I could not be more pleased with how you and your team approached this project, and I insist that you share this email with whomever at JL would benefit from knowing how you’ve contributed to JL’s reputation in the community. I will be posting a strong review on Craigs List as well. Take care, and happy holidays.


Rigging & Aerial Equipment

Using a bucket truck to remove trees can absolutely speed up the process and make the method safer and quicker.  It involves much less tree climbing than trees that are located in a backyard for instance, with limited or no access to equipment.  There are many types of rigging. Proper rigging is crucial for a successful completion.  Normally, rigging is done by attaching a port-a-wrap at the bottom of the trunk.  This is a common device used in rigging to lower heavy sections of wood attached to the hand line or rope.  The groundman, or ropeman is required to have knowledge of how to properly use one.

Groundman’s job includes:

  • Making sure the groundman has all required PPE such as hard hat & personal safety gear
  • Being part of creating and defining a safety work zone
  • Experience using hand line rope & rigging wood using a port-a-wrap
  • Communicating effectively with tree climber above
  • Brush chipper safety
  • Proper lifting techniques

Tree Climbers responsibilities:

  • Making sure the climber has all required PPE such as hard hat & personal safety gear
  • Knowing the safety work zone
  • Over 2 years professional experience tree climbing & performing removals
  • Communicating effectively with the groundmans
  • Roping, proper knots, lowering technique including a rigging pully system setup after all of the limbs are removed

And of course most important – working hard to ensure that we are doing all our services according to ANSI Z133 standards.

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