Hollow Oak tree taken down by tree experts

Decayed Oak tree successfully removed using our crane

Hazardous tree removed using crane

In the picture below, you can see just how rotten this tree was.  This tree had major decay all throughout the center of the trunk and throughout the limbs also.  Trees like this need to be removed for safety reasons.  Unhealthy trees like this that are in close proximity to people, houses, cars, high traffic areas, etc should be assessed by a professional arborist.

Trained professionals doing their job

It is common for a home owner to contact a professional tree service company for a tree of this magnitude.  However, we often receive phone calls from customers who try to tackle smaller, and some not so smaller, tree removals on their own.  This generally does not end well.  Just last week, we received a call on our emergency line from a customer who tried to notch their tree to fell it down.  This was a bad idea!  Thankfully, before anything dangerous occurred, they stopped the back cut and called us.  When our arborist arrived onsite, most of the notch was already made in the base of the trunk of a standing Poplar tree, right next to their house.  By trying to do the job their self, this caused us to have to handle it as an emergency, so the price was much higher than what our normal price would have been to take it down.

Crane operations in tree care

Our company JL Tree Service Inc, has 2 cranes that we own and have full time operators that work daily with our tree crews.  It is very important to have employees who work together on a daily basis, just like anything, it improves communication, workflow, safety, and many aspects of getting a job done professionally and safely.  Safety is our goal always.  Our company has weekly safety meetings to address different aspects of safety each week.  It is critical to wear PPE, personal protective equipment such as proper hard hats, eye protection, hearing protection, and chaps for cutting with larger chainsaws on the ground.  Experience is the best safety, and so many of our teams have been working for over 10 years, some 20, some even 30+ years!  Another great job guys !

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