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Why do we take down or remove trees?

Taking down or removing trees can be a sensitive subject for many people.  Especially for environmentalists or folks who desire unnecessary plant life to be cut down for no good reason.  There are many scenarios as you can imagine!  Many times, people cut down trees for the simple reason that they are dead, dying, diseased, or unsafe.  Urban forestry is the term that describes when people and trees or forests come together!  Often, trees do not need to be cut down.  And often, our arborists do whats best for the trees for our customers.

Many times, us arborists at JL Tree Service Inc tell our customers,

You don’t need to take down that tree. Or, that tree is fine!

Our goal is to teach our customers the benefits of having mature trees in their yards, and how to properly maintain them to keep them healthy and thriving. There are many times also however, when we must say; “That tree needs to come down, its dangerous”. For various reasons, trees get stressed and start to decline. Something home owners can be aware of is to try and keep an eye on their trees, observing them often each season. This can be the result of a tree that goes too long without service or treatment, and losing the tree.  To the result of catching the issues early enough so the tree may be saved.  Most of the time, our philosophy, is a tree can best take care of itself.  Proper pruning and fertilization can make a big difference to the health and longevity of a tree.

See the pictures below of a large decayed tree that we removed a few weeks ago. This is a great example of when and why we say, “that tree needs to go”!

TreeRemoval TreeRemoval1 TreeRemoval2 TreeRemoval3 TreeRemoval4


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