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Red Oaks Quercus rubra

JL Tree Service Inc was climbing a 18″ DBH Red Oak on Friday.  The tree climber cut 1 limb over the house (that was likely balancing the trees stability).  After that cut, the climber progressed to take the top out of the tree.  When he made this cut, the tree broke at the base and fell. This was completely unforeseen as the tree seems safe to climb, and it had just died not long previous. Thank God, the tree had a large poplar close by, and the Red Oak fell into the large Poplar.  The tree climber also pulled himself into the poplar for safety.  This was certainly a near miss and does not happen often if ever.  It is a lesson to us all, to be particularly careful in Red Oaks that are dead or dying.  Red Oaks are culprits for Red Oak root wilt, a root fungus disease caused by drought and environmental extremes.

I write this post to display as an example for future potentials failures.  Tree climbing is very dangerous, and at times can be unpredictable. That is why we stress the importance here of being extra cautious and safe when climbing dead trees.  Tree climbers are required to always be tied into 2 points of attachment for safety at all times.

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