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The Benefits of Tree Trimming

Even with almost 40 years of experience in tree service and arboriculture, the reasons for trimming a tree come down to three main categories: safety concerns, the health of the tree, and for appearance’s sake.

Safety Concerns

This type of pruning is done when the tree becomes a potential hazard. This includes decayed trees, trees with split branches, storm damaged limbs, hazardous tree limbs in close proximity to people, buildings, roads and fences, branches that get too close to power lines, and anything else the tree might be impinging on. Tree removal or tree trimming and pruning is usually a necessity in the case of storm damage, emergency tree service, or trees with dense a canopy.

Health of the Tree

It seems odd that trees would need special care — after all, who takes care of trees in the wild? But trees that get regular pruning do not develop poor growth habits that will weaken it. Too many branches, crossed limbs, diseased or dead wood, and weak forks are just a few of the problems an able pruner will address. It’s usually best to begin these prunes as a young tree, as a mature tree might not look its best after a tune-up. In fact, if the tree has never been pruned, pruning might need to take place over several years to avoid stressing it. Tree pruning is a great maintenance for withstanding the longevity of a tree.  Crown cleaning diseased and dead limbs out of a tree is a common and needed maintenance in our urban forestry.  Crown thinning and reducing are two tree pruning methods that can improve wind flow through the canopy decreasing chances of storm damage.


Without really knowing what is nice about them, most people recognize when a tree is a very attractive specimen. Just like faces, we prefer certain symmetry; but more than that, the tree just looks “right”. Pruning for appearance is really more of an art, but every species of tree has an ideal structure, and that’s what we aim to provide.  Crown Raising and vista pruning is most common for visibility.

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