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Tree Shrub Transplanting

Normally, we tell customers we don’t tranplant large trees or shrubs because they usually require a tree spade, of which our company does not own one.  We generally tell customers to contact a local nursery to perform such a task.  However, the City of Fairfax is one of our most valuable customers and needed help.  We got a call stating that the City needed to move a few of the original Boxwood shrubs (very old shrubs) due to a large project right in the heart of the City.  This needed to be done extremely fast so time was definitely of the essence.   JL Tree Service had their landscape crew out there the very next day transplanting very large Boxwood shrubs. Now we understand, this is not the best time of year to do this kind of job, but due to the large project in the City it had to be done right away.

JL Tree Service used their skilled employees to dig large root balls for these very large English Boxwood shrubs. Many burlaps were used to tie down the canopy and root balls.  A bobcat was used to lift them into a flatbed that transported them to the new planting location. Both the City and our company understood that the likeliness of these shrubs were very slim to expect them to make it. The job was completed very well, a lot of water in the new hole and special top soil and mulch. The Boxwood’s are on display in their temporary location, until the large project is complete and they can be moved back to their permanent location.  We know this is a long shot, but hope for the best!  See pictures below:


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